Most popular vst plugin at the moment?


I also think it has a lot to do with the situation. If I was in a Classic Rock band, Omnisphere 2 may not be as popular. Guido’s VB3 and Classic Keys from NI may take the cake. If I am playing a house of worship (contemporary) O2 may be more relevant. DJ/EDM - Serum or Sylenth is hard to beat (I would choose Serum). Piano I can’t comment on, as I am not really a pianist. I thought LL sounded good, but next to classic keys by NI, LL is parked more often than not. My home studio, I still use Steinberg products and switch between ProTools (which has a great audio capture ability), and Cubase which has great workflow and automation capabilities (I don’t like the audio recording in Cubase though). I own Ableton and Studio One, as well. Ableton I use session view live, mostly, but Ableton 10 is supposed to make their DAW more intuitive.

BTW, I own a UI24R and it works seamlessly with C3 to incorporate VST effects for vocals and instruments in a live show. I plan to heavily promote C3 on the UI24R Facebook page. C3 with UI24 is an amazing powerhouse for a great sounding show.


I’d like to try making a skin for Avenger but don’t know where to start. Any suggestions?


Yes, ask the dev for the original skin files to edit


Right now I have to say Native instruments Kontakt using Orange Tree guitar samples from the Evolution line and Rob Papen Blue 2 and Predator 2 also the Korg Legacy collection with the M1 and Wavestation .


I need the full version of Kontakt to start playing with a ZERO-G product called Ethera, which sounds stunning. Will report back when I get it.

Omnisphere goes from strength to strength and they have just released V2.5 which expands the number of layers from 2 to 4.

DIVA and ZEBRA are still two of my favourites.


For me still outstanding is Nexus from Refx.
E.g. the Bigtone libraries has for me the most impressive Pads/Patches.
These Pads/Patches are really complexe and goose bumps are guaranteed.
Generally disadvantage with Nexus is the work in sort out all the rave, techno,
dance, trance patches, which i don’t need :slight_smile:
Also interesting are all the Hollywood libraries with ready to play orchestras for
scores. BUT: the sound quality of the orchestras are not comparable with
other Kontakt libraries.
Nexus has beside a lot of impressive patches really good choir presets.
Arps are also outstanding.

Omnisphere always one of the best VST for me on the market.
For me a lot of impressive and complexe pads/patches.
Still outstanding choirs in comparisson to other instruments/VST.
Always new impressive libraries from PluginGuru with a lot of ready to play
sets (inkl. beats/rhythms + patches)

Transfuser is a really great plugin with ready to play instruments. Either solo instruments or
in combination with the Transfuser beats.
It includes a huge set of different e.g. guitar riffs, guitar arps. Same with basses or brasses.
The soundquality is on very high level.
For e.g. Soul-Jazz, Smooth-Jazz, Funk, Soul for me one of the best VST on the market.

“The Orchestra” for contact is for me one of the best ready to play orchestra with a lot of
ready scores.

Keyscape has the most impressive library of E-Pianos and Pianos.

Alchemy from Camel Audio >>> is not available furthermore!
But, really great pads.

Zebra, some really great pads.

Stylus RMX…for me further one of the best beat/drum automization solution.
Easy to handle. A lot of variations.


Never heard of Transfuser. Will take a look! In addition to all those listed I have to add Toontrack Superior 3-EZDrummer. With all the drum fakery I’m called on to do nothing else comes close IMHO, at least for the sound I like.

edit- Ah, AIR Tech. I don’t really do their stuff, apart from Velvet.


I am demoing Nektar Technology Bolt. So far, I like it. It says it is the first Harmonics Synthesizer for VST.


I heard of that, been meaning to look. I just don’t need more synths.


I don’t need more either, but I heard some audio files on this, and there is a demo, so I thought…what the hell.


I guess not many of us really do, but then the GAS kicks in… :slight_smile:


I needed more synths, but my sister gave me this tablet called “GAS-X”.

20-minutes later, I had enough synths! :smiley:



Will Gas-X work as well on Organs and Pianos?