Melda crashing woes [ SOLVED ]


i’ve been trying out the Melda demos and find that they are crashing all the time in Cantabile.
both the vst2 and 3 can be made to lock up/crash the gui.
i’m using the latest C3, the Melda 15.0 demos, win10, C3 opengl enabled or disabled.
to crash:
open a Melda plugin gui.
play with it a bit
press the tab key

it’s not crashing in a way that produces a report in C3

Melda just released 15.01, so maybe there was something flaky with 15.0? I’d download and install the latest.

just tried, same story.
i’ve contacted Melda. C3 wasn’t in their long list of vst hosts on the contact form :frowning:
maybe soon it will be :slight_smile:

I played Melda’s MSoundFactory 15.01 in C3 Build 3696 on Tuesday with no issues.

I’ve looked into this and it’s actually a bug in Windows related to tab key handling. I’ve put a workaround into Cantabile that will be in the next build.

In the meantime, try to avoid pressing the Tab key.


hi Brad,
that’s awesome, thank you.

i don’t know why i was using the tab key for sure.
i think i was trying to find a way to negotiate the Melda ui.