Managing Multiple Inputs

I am looking for advice on how best to manage multiple inputs.

I have a 2 input Focusrite and dedicate one input for my guitar. The other input is either not in use, vocals, or another guitar. I currently have a background rack set up for vocals input and disable it when not in use.

If I want another guitar to the mix it appears to be easier to have another version of the background rack for that with limited options in it. This would save me from adding to each of my existing songs to manage at input.

I haven’t tried out the Multiple Config feature to see it if helps manage this input swap. Does it manage the background rack?

Any advice from the users on their experience.

Hi Lorne

I use a Focusrite 18i8. I play in several bands that have different needs. I setup a background rack, with different states, and choose whatever state I need with each particular band.



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Lots of us abstract mic and guitar inputs into a rack. I have a mic rack that controls my flute mic and my sax mic. I also have one for guitar should I ever need that. And one for my Kurzweils if I ever need that. I use states in songs to turn the mics on or off.

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Thanks. I keep thinking up about upgrading for the extra inputs to simplify some of my setup, but I also thought it might make it pretty complicated.

How is the cpu load when you are running all the inputs routed to various vsts?

It is according to your VST demands and your computer performance. I will not be able to run Omnisphere on my current system, but I can run many of the Diva presets, but not in Diva mode. I love Bias for my guitar setups, but too many pedals will overshoot the cpu load. I run S-gear very well, but the fx in it are few…no pedals. Adding on outside pedals can also overload S-Gear. Routing is usually not a problem. Here is one of the threads concerning VST loads:,

Cures for CPU-Hogitis!

I was using all my inputs at one time for Bass, Guitar, several vocals and electronic drums. I used some form of VST effects on all of them with no problems…but you have to be picky about the VST’s you use.

EDIT: It really boils down to your PC and what it can handle.


^^^^ What Corky said. Cantabile is pretty friendly to the CPU. Routes and Racks are easy on the processor. And the Profiler now built in to Cantabile will show you which VSTs are hogging the CPU.


Thank you for mentioning that @Corky. Up till now, I never considered the possibility of using states in my background rack.

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