Kontakt is unpleasant


Hi Dave,

What I experience here is that after making the remapping of the CCs in MIDI CONTROLLERS section it applies to all of the presets. So what I wrote previously is based solely on my personal experience.


Thanks Boyan, this is indeed puzzling now … I will check my setup again, I must have mixed something up here!

I took down my post, I was wrong! I was set to “Entire Plugin Snapshots” for the preset model so as long as I stayed on preset 1 of the plugin GUI and changed the programs from the B3-X’s own drop down menu the MIDI controller settings would hold as you pointed out. If I went to plugin snapshot 2 the default Hammond B3-X default preset comes up and the MIDI controllers go back to the factory defaults again. By setting the preset model to “Use Plugin Programs” it confined the GUI to 1 plugin preset only and changing the patches from the B3-X menu it would hold the MIDI controller settings that way. So, if one was to use the Entire Plugin Snapshots preset model they would have to reprogram the MIDI controller setup for each cantabile plugin snapshot you made. It’s easy to see why Fred was tearing it up over this because it didn’t make sense till I dug deeper into it. Thanks again Boyan for the input. :slight_smile:



OK, I have to read that again very carefully…



It would help if you could tell us how you want your B3-X rack to work because there are several different ways you can go and it would just confuse things more if i describe them all. I know you want the CC64 hold to die an awful death so the next question is how do want recall your B3-x presets?

  • Rack States
  • Entire Plugin Snapshots
  • Program change assignment table built into the plugin

Your choice will affect the management of the dreaded CC64 default setting. I wish it were easy but there are at least these 3 ways you could do it …lol



I’ve been fighting this same battle. I keep having to re-edit the CC values for sustain to 0 (I don’t want any sustain of course because I use fishing weights to hold keys :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and then set Leslie speed to 64. I know I have to spend some time resaving all the presets so they have the correct CC values - wish the CC mappings were global and somehow override plugin snapshots .


Oh, I know ways to fix it, that’s not the issue. The issue is that this is clearly a bug and I shouldn’t be dealing with it. I’ve having basically the same thing going on that I am with Kontakt; no matter how you save a patch or setup something is restoring those old values. It’s only happening on this laptop, not my other one.


Here after making any adjustments in MIDI CONTROLLERS section (separately for the VST and the standalone though) B-3X behaves consistently in all of the DAWs I tried it and retains the settings in a global level.


Hi Boyan, can I ask which Cantabile preset model you are using on the B3-X plugin?




Hi Dave, I typically use “Entire Plugin Snapshots” preset model, but I tried the other two with the same result in respect to MIDI CONTROLLERS. What is important here is that the changes I made with the MIDI CONTROLLERS remain global regardless of the host software.


Thanks Boyan,

I don’t know why but I am seeing a slightly different picture here. I use the plugin in Cantabile and Studio One so I use the built in program saving of the B3-X plugin itself. It maintains the settings between the two apps just like you say. However when working in Cantabile there are 2 of the 3 preset saving models that don’t require the built in menu of the B3-X and save the settings in the C3 song/json file so it had more nuances as I checked it out depending on the Preset model that was used. Allow me to list what I found :

  • The “Use Plugin Programs” choice allows only one preset slot in the GUI and you use the built in preset menus of the B3-X. The MIDI controller section acts in a global way.

  • The “Entire Plugin Snapshots” allows for multiple Cantabile preset slots but since it snapshots all of the plugin settings, both reported and hidden, the MIDI controller section is saved with each preset, this behavior doesn’t seem to align with your findings so that is why I am puzzled. It also saves the B3-X patch name in the preset slot for each slot you program

  • The “Parameter Sets” also allow for multiple Cantabile preset slots but save only the user parameters that the plugin reports. So it doesn’t save the MIDI controller configuration and a single configuration will act globally for all the presets you would make. Another note on this preset model is that the preset slot names that B3-X provides will not be saved with each preset so it can be weird but the draw bars, switches and actual organ setup are saved, but not the MIDI Controllers section, it acts globally.

So 2 of the 3 models work the way you said but one (Entire Plugin Snapshots) works differently for me here. Sorry this is so thick but it just is, I welcome corrections.




Hi Dave,
since I do not use B-3X in a regular basis yet, I checked it out only for the sake of finding a possible solution for the problem presented in the beginning of this thread. That is way I have not checked it that thoroughly as you have done it. I have not tried to save snapshots in Cantabile with any of the preset models in my previous tests, but now having done that I confirm that your findings are indeed correct.


Hi Boyan,

Believe me I didn’t have it all figured out, you helped me sort it out because I didn’t fully understand all the possiblities yet and started acid testing a bit deeper. I’m hoping our discussion will help others who are using B3-X because I love playing it Live! :grinning: