Kontakt is unpleasant


I have a new backup laptop. I have imported everything into it. I basically all works except for one Kontakt pipe organ multi. On the old machine the samples were on D:. On this machine they are on C:. I have shown it this. I have resaved in every way known to man. I have batch re-saved. I have re-saved each individual patch. I have re-saved with samples. I have re-saved without. I have re-saved as a monolith. I can’t think of anything else. ONE DAMN PATCH. Everything else works. This is why I suck as a player now. I don’t practice. I just f**k with computers. If I don’t solve this I am throwing all my gear in the river and jumping in after it. This will make my wife and kid sad, to say nothing of the dog, but that’s how it has to be. Oh and feel free to go over to IK and read my rant over there about why B-3X won’t re-route cc64 away from the sustain pedal.
Everybody have fun tonight. Everybody Wang Chung tonight.


You haven’t made a recent large weapon purchase, have you?


Not yet


I’m just going to have to rebuild that whole multi. I went back to IK and edited out all the curse words and blasphemy.


Or perhaps have a sledge hammer in your hands?


Kontakt and IK have a tendency to invoke rage. I know how it feels.


To begin with, explain what you have tried with the B3-X, maybe I can help, at least before IK sends a Po Po your way.


I have an idea but I’m too pissed to try it tonight. I’ll let you know tomorrow. These things may be related.


OK let me know.


No jumping in the river. I need that next Glass Hammer album :slight_smile:


Gah, that. :expressionless:


Hey Fred,

hope you’re still outside the river (I feel a song title coming up here…) - here some suggestions:

  1. on the cc64 and B-3X: I usually take care of all the CC routing OUTSIDE the plugins in my instrument racks. I only feed the notes to the plugin and then take care of controllers using bindings, either directly to VST plugin parameters or to CCs sent to the plugin via MIDI. That way, I have full control of what CCs do to my plugins. Maybe that can help you as well?

  2. Re Kontakt: I feel your pain - I try to stay away from Kontakt for my live setup. One thing I’ve done to address C: and D: issues is to map a drive letter to a directory using the subst command in Windows. This way, you can “fake” a D: drive even if your laptop only has one partition. Maybe that can work with Kontakt?




Both could work. Shouldn’t have to though. I think I’ll just roll B3X back to v 1.00. Solves that.


Fred ,

You can also just filter out the CC64 at the route level inside the B3-X rack (I assume a rack is holding the plugin) if you never intend to use the CC64 hold function on the B3-X.

This has been B#$%h for me too because I use it on a very few cases and hate that they didn’t provide an on/off global switch of some sort. I went with the Torsten way described above where I separate Notes and Controllers. This MIDI fiter is a quick perma fix if you never use the hold on the organ since all the default presets have it set to CC64. There were other improvements you may miss out on if you go back to v1, it was more CPU hungry on my rig than the second revision. Anyway my 2 cents …



I don’t want to suppress it though. I want to use it as Leslie control. B3-X itself is assigning it 2 functions.


You could just change the filter to a remap filter on the same input route in the Rack: MIDI In. The default for Leslie speed is Mod wheel CC1 on the B3-X so this filter would do the job of changing the CC64 sustain pedal inputs to CC1 mod wheel messages while still allowing the mod wheel itself to function in the same way.



I had exactly the same problem with C/D drives and used a folder SUBST to fix it. Works perfectly, and I now make sure to do this on all new machines to prevent this kind of problem.


In B-3X’s MIDI CONTROLLERS section one can change all default settings to whatever suitable. Just make sure when you assign CC64 to Leslie Speed, to change the setting for SUSTAIN to some suitable number (probably CC that is not going to be used).


That’s not working though. Something’s up. In fact that is SPECIFICALLY what is not working. When you re-open next time, it has reset to the old defaults and they will not change.


Strange! It IS working here.