Just voted for Cantabile in the KVR Reader's Choice Awards


Just voted in the https://www.kvraudio.com/readers-choice-awards/

Favorite Developer and Favorite DAW for Performance went to:

TopTen Software and Cantabile :tada::confetti_ball::sparkler:


Good Idea, did it also


Thanks for hinting :smiley: - done!


I’ve never actually joined KVR… maybe I will.


KVR has been a pretty good website for me. I think I joined to ask a question about a product on one of the little mini forums they have for each one. Never gotten much email from them. Actually found about the readers choice awards from another VST developer


I joined long ago, but when it became Acoustic Samples developer’s only true source to discuss the products (nothing at website), I started visiting more often. I do get a monthly update email from KVR. It is a great source to discover new releases and updates. I will also vote for Cantabile.


Thanks everyone - that means a lot :slight_smile:



I put you in several relevant categories. You deserve it! :wink:


Yep, I casted my votes as well! Brad, you deserve way more attention with Cantabile then what is out there at the moment!


I, too, voted for Brad in the applicable categories.


I done it :smiley: :smiley:
There’s a lot of good stuff that isn’t in their dumb little database.


I done did it as well. Long Live Cantabile and TopTen! :slight_smile: