Juno DS SysEx Error

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I’m attempt to send a SysEx message to a Roland JunoDS88 using Cantabile, and I’m getting the error message shown in the screen shot. I can send this same SysEx message via Midi-OX and it performs as expected. The command is supposed to switch the DS into Performance mode and then select user preset 3 (The last number in the string). More than likely I’m missing something glaringly obvious, but I find it peculiar the the string works in the other application and not Cantabile. Is there some global set-up that needs to be done in Cantabile with regards to formatting SysEx messages?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Especially from fellow JunoDS owners!!



To enter hex Sysex, you‘ll need to either prefix every byte with 0x or else enclose the whole sysex string in x“…“

Look here: https://www.cantabilesoftware.com/guides/sysexExpressions




Thanks!! I figuring it was going to be something obvious that I overlooked. Going to try this as soon as I get home.



Take a look at my second post on Aug 31 in the following thread link, where I was helping somebody with Yamaha SYSEX, and it shows a working example

Also you have more than SYSEX in your message string. The SYSEX ends at F7. Not sure if that is also another issue or not?


Thanks, I’ll definitely take a look. The string following F7 contains the MSB/LSB/Preset number.


Hi, I am not sure if Cantabile will like those other messages in a SYSEX Window. If you still have problems, I would suggest taking them out and ensure the SYSEX works first? You can always put them in another binding triggered from the same source, and add a delay to it.