Is there a way to filter bounce on note On


Hi All,
yesterday during a rehersal I noticed a particular key was triggered twice the first one with the correct velocity and the second with velocity 127 when the key is relaxed before the note off command.
I suppose that when a note on message is sent only a note off message can be sent later.
So is there a way to filter that problem temporarily in C3 (Before sending the keyboard to repair) ?



Hi Troman,

Not sure it will fix it but I would try some note suppression and a velocity filter like below or some version it. It requires 2 routes to do and it’s not a beautiful thing but it works here.

The first route’s filter isolates the note by allowing all notes but it (I used C4 as the example)


the second route’s filter processes only the bad C4 note. It allows all velocities below 127 to pass on channel 1 and when it sees a 127 note it re-routes it to channel 2. This could be any unused channel in your setup.


Hope it helps …




thanks for your answer I will try that whenever I get some time.