Is there a filter yet to convert midi CC to a note?


I read a post from 2016 where Dave Dore had a possible solution but it may introduce some delay… and Brad mentioned he’d look at making a filter for that. But I don’t think it’s in there yet (or at least I can’t find it). I need this to be very fast, playing staccato notes from the Hold button on an Akai 4000s wind instrument. Hoping to avoid adding Bome’s midi translator, just trying to keep things as simple as possible. Barring a filter, has anyone come up with a no-delay method to do this? Thanks!


Hi twaw,

He added this filter you can add to the input route that does what I think you describe in a one step MIDI filter.

Is this the ticket?



Thanks Dave. I don’t see that filter anywhere… it’s called “Controller to Note”? I’m on build 3587. I checked both the rack input route and the main Input Ports route filters.
I did get your “old” method using a binding and a trigger to work, though… but it would be nice to have it in one filter. Many thanks for your help!


Hi Tom,

I made a simple set of pics to show how to get to it

right click the input route and select MIDI Filters

click on Add

choose “Controller to Note” filter

set the Controllers Range from 0-127

and the Note range to the same

close and you are done.

A note on ranges and their values, a dash is for any sized contiguous range and commas to separate individual values when there are only a few and they are far apart. The example shown maps all 127 CC numbers directly to all 127 Note numbers.

I’m running 3590 Stable release