International Songwriting Contest


First prize $25,000 USD. Many other prizes. For the record, I have never entered any songwriting contest. The deadline is Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019 (in 6 days).


I guess I need to get started then, eh? :laughing:


At an Open Mic a musician confided that he had written a song. =o EVERYBODY HAS WRITTEN A SONG. Send’em what you’ve got. Mine are lame, so I’m not entering.

BTW, this came to me via Music Connection. They too have contests, weekly in fact. Here’s a link to them:


Is there an entry fee?


Good question. Yes, $30 is the entry fee, see below text taken from Rules. Also, for the weekly drawings, the winner must pay applicable taxes (same goes for the Intl Contest). Here is the text re entry fees:
The current fee is $30.00 per song or category. For example, if you enter one song in one category, the fee is $30.00. If you enter one song in two categories, the fee is $60.00. If you enter two songs in the same category (or in different categories), the fee is $60.00. If you enter three songs in different categories, the fee is $90.00, and so forth. Each time you add a song or category, you need to add $30.00.


I was always told never to pay anyone to listen to my music, and that such things were always scams. Made me cynical. Poor me. :frowning:



Tis the season for scams alright. I giggled “International Songwriting Competition, Inc.”. Their website shows last year’s 2 Grand Prize winners, along with many other lesser prize winners. I avoid going to Facebook, but you can click the links if you dare. Each has a Play button on ISCI’s web page, so you now have an idea of what “wins”, if all this is for real.