Installing plugin using kontakt

Hello Cantabile community!

I just purchased the Cantabile software and with some help from the community (I posted some questions about a week or so ago), I got a new laptop and Focusrite 2i4 audio interface.

I looked at the startup walkthrough video which helped me out in setting the basics. I created the “Vstpluginx32 and Vstpluginx64” folders. Now i’m ready to install my first plugin. My plugin is the “Galaxy Vintage D” Steinway piano, which works with Kontakt player. I’m just not certain how Kontakt works with Cantanbile or how to set it up. The instructions say to extract the files into a folder eg. “My library” Users/Public, which kind of confuses me because I thought the plugins go into the 2 plugin folders I created.

I’m not entirely new to plugins, I’ve use a Museresearch VIP Receptor which I’ve been using for over two years or so. The plugin installation is a different process.

Thanks for your help.

Hey Stan,

Kontakt works as a standalone but also has 32 and 64 bit vst dlls that it usually places somehere in the Native Instruments Kontakt folder under C:\Program Files. Find the 64 bit Kontakt dll file (I assume you are 64 bit) and copy the to your 64 bit Vst folder you made and Cantabile should find it when it starts up. Then Kontakt will be available as a plugin inside C3. You Add it as a plugin and open it’s GUI and load the it the same as when in stand alone operation.


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Thanks Dave!

I’m going to give it a try right now.

Hey Dave,

I dropped my piano plugin into VstPluginx64 folder but I get nothing. The plugin extension is not a .dll but a nki which I’m guessing is the native instrument kontakt file. I’m doing something wrong. I couldn’t find the kontakt plugin to add to Cantabile. I’m just at a loss right now.

I also tried to add another plugin but noticed that it was a Vst3 type, which I’m told can’t be used with Cantabile.

Hi Stan,

Do you have a folder called C:\Program Files\Native Instruments? And if you do what is in inside that folder? It usually is where the folder that holds the VST’s are. Also, do you have a DAW installed for recording that has a VST folder. (like Cubase or Reaper)?


It has documentation folder, license agreement and Kontakt application

I just found the kontakt dll under another set of VST folders, x32 & x64. I got confused with the ones I created for Cantabile. I’ll try dropping it in the cantabile vst folder.

Or you can use those folders and just point to them in Cantabile setup.

I was just wondering if I could do that. Thanks, I’ll try that.

Hey Dave, It worked! Kontakt is loaded and I got the Piano going. I’m going to try some free vsts just to get a feel for it and test it out.

Thank you so much!

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One little issue, excuse the pun but why is the Kontakt gui in the Cantabile program so small? I tried to open it up but couldn’t figure it out.

High resolution monitor. Take a look at this thread.

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Thanks. I’ll take a look at that.

Hi Stan,

I added a 22" monitor I had laying around. I don’t use it live but it makes things easier when I’m practicing or improving my setup.

I put it on a mic stand:



Thanks Doug,

I got myself a Dell Inspiron 7000 series, 15.6 inch, touchscreen. I’m going to look into a stand for it. I’ll check out the mic stand setup, if I can do it.