impOSCAR2 deal at APD

Just a heads up about this deal

The GFORCE impOSCAR2 can be had for 40USD (ok…minus 0.01 USD).

I am tempted to buy it, since I recently got their MiniMonsta and I really liked it.

I am also a fan of IQ…and the OSCAR had a big role in their sound during the 80ies.

OTOH, do I really need another analog synth emulation? :thinking:

Any thoughts? :wink:


I have it and love it. It’s very low CPU, easy to use, and has some unique features. To be honest, I use it mostly for messing around and jamming, and rarely in my actual songs. For analogue stuff, I still tend to reach for Diva and others more often. In regards to IQ, their current keyboardist, @Neil_Durant is on this board. Perhaps he can chime in on how he reproduces sounds from the 80s songs?

On the other hand, that’s a great price.

  • Paul
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Gforce synths are great. Whilst Imposcar is on discount, do also take a look at their Obie emulations. They are awesome and with more modern, scalable GUIs. I like the MiniMonsta, but on my current system and with aging eyes, I cannot see the darn GUI anymore - and I have moaned at Gforce about this… And of course my Mellotron and Solina emulations are courtesy of MTRON PRO and VSM.

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