I got blacklisted on Yamahasynth for this about the Montage


If I have time, maybe I’ll take up the case on Yamaha Synth… :wink:


So I quickly threw together a training video describing how Cantabile 3 overcomes the Midi Receive limitation of the Montage, with an added description of the use of the Montage audio interface.


Very nice graphics and explanations John. Wish all instructional vids were like this. Watching while typing this, lol.


Downloaded and Demo’d Camelot Pro. It is, indeed, an insidious plan to introduce the Montage/MODX MIDI receive problem to promote the Camelot Software Solution. I posted about Cantabile on Ideascale from Yamahasynth.com. I will be banned shortly. I feel sorry for the poor souls that feel that Camelot Pro is their only solution.



I have added a reply on Idea Scale.

And I have replied (the same text essentially as the IdeaScale reply) to both of the threads on Yamaha Synth that you identified above. Well I tried, but their system decided that a duplicate reply on different threads was spam! So I had to reply one thread to say I have a good reply on the other one! Their forum sucks (another area where Cantabile scores! :slight_smile: )

To save people having to follow the links, here is what I said

I have the Montage as my lower tier keyboard, Kronos on top tier, Nord G2 Engine for good measure, and a small NUC computer in my Gig Rack running Top Ten Software’s Cantabile Performer, which is my MIDI Processor and Live VST host. I need to be able to play Montage Parts from the Kronos and Kronos Timbres from the Montage and vice versa, and both keyboards need to drive the VST instruments I have in a song and the Nord G2 Engine.

My MIDI setup therefore is a “star configuration”, with the computer as a hub, so that all MIDI goes through Cantabile. Therefore, I get around the Montage MIDI limitations by leaving it in single channel mode and any MIDI channel mapping/splits/layers to/from the Montage are handled by Cantabile. If you have a similar need to mine, the free version of Cantabile lite is well worth checking out, or you can try the paid for versions for 30 days for free before you need to license it.

This works for me, however, I think Yamaha should fix this limitation for musicians who do not want computers on stage but need to integrate the Montage into a keyboard rig where it is not necessarily the Zone Master mode driving external devices, but Performance Parts that need to be driven from external devices. If my Yamaha EX5 and Motif Rack ES allow you to allocate any receive channel to any part in Performance Mode (EX5) or Multi Mode (Motif), and of course my Kronos, then why not the Montage?

I assumed they must have pruned the debate that led to the banning, as I cannot see any posts that indicate anything leading towards that?


@Derek I saw your posts. Being naive to the insidious nature of Yamaha’s intentional technological inadequacies, I encouraged Brad to let Yamaha know that his software was the answer to the limitation. Further, I shared it on yamahasynth.com, thinking that I was helping, about the amazing capabilities of C3. I was confused by the response from Yamaha, blocking me. Then @Corky enlightened me on Yamaha’s manipulative tactic toward the not-so-pro Camelot Pro. That is disgusting.

I think that trying to create YouTubes titled (and the SEO prompts) as “Yamaha MIDI channel receive problem” will direct those faced with the problem post purchase will direct them away from Yamahasynth.com and toward the solutions that they will likely google.

Thanks Derek and Corky. This had me losing sleep from being so angry.

Ha!! Derek, I saw you used my name there! I got the ideascale username as an alias because they blocked me from everything. It’s all good.


FWIW I have Camelot Pro and it is quite a good little app - nowhere near the control behemoth that Cantabile is, but very useful particularly when using just the iPad for gigs. However it is software that, imo, is still too young for primetime. Yes, great potential, for sure, but still just a bit flaky.

Not sure why Yamaha would be pushing it when an app like A.U.M. Mixer from Kymatica has pretty much broad iOS community approval, and is constantly being used live by people in a lot of places.

I also owed a MODX 8 (terrible keybed) and figured ways around the very odd modus of the OS Yamaha implemented, but is was an “awkward” board to use, nowhere near the simplicity of the Motif series that preceded it. I ditched it to go back to the VST/PC/iOS system I use now. And will probably never go back to Yamaha after the experience.


Indeed @pax-eterna Camelot Pro is relevant for the iPad and Mac user. I downloaded and used Camelot Pro, and, as you said, it too young for prime time. As with VIP, it leaves me with the “if it could only do…” C3 never elicits that statement in my mind. As a Windows user, for me, other programs are irrelevant.

My next purchase is a Surface Pro 6 16Gb ram and 1 TB SSD storage with an i7 8650U quad core CPU. That way I can retain Blue 3, IKmm Leslie and Omnisphere in my rig.

For years I have been trying to go the iPad route, but I would have to surrender a couple of my crowd pleasers (O2 and Blue3). So, I am pursuing the Surface Pro/C3 route. O2 granular synth is the best on the market, but CPU hungry as a good granular should be.


So…we could definitely say, that’s “how you feel”. :grin: