How to load Cantabile in Cubase?


I agree with @Torsten, the tone does come across as very disrespectful, towards people who were only taking their time to help you by responding to your question and finding a usable solution for what you need.

Torsten does not have a “very rerstrictive view of what could be achieved”. If you read back over past forum posts, you’d realise he’s incredibly knowledgeable and super helpful, and his views are always carefully considered and based on his considerable experience across many audio and music technologies. I’m certain the rest of the forum community here would agree 100%.

Actually Torsten’s carefully measured point was about the industry demand and priority for a pluggable solution, not the usefulness. He clearly said it would be very useful and powerful.

For what it’s worth, there was a thread on the forum 2 years about running Cantabile in another VST host:

If you disagree with him or anyone else on here, feel free to explain why. We can all learn something. But please do not criticise, judge, or be rude towards people just because of a differing opinion.



Ouch - talk about pouring fuel onto the fire. :blush:
Shame - because I think this is a worthwhile discussion (as I did several moons ago).

@Torsten - I’m not sure the market is saturated with product as elegant as Cantabile. That’s why it’s our live host of choice.
And although no one can predict the future of any product, I’m confident that Cantabile as a plugin would, at the very least, not shrink its appeal.

The thinking that makes Cantabile a great candidate for Rewire support is equally applied to full integration - with the added benefits that brings.
Maybe not next week, next month - or next year, but it certainly will remain on my wishlist for the reasons I’ve set out previously.
Cantabile encourages the player to pursue combinations and setups which enhance creativity - and for a composer, it’s an extremely seductive proposition.
Far more so than, say VEP.


Great, if you mean it. But this reads hollow because of what follows it in the post, you just slight him again instead.

No, you just unmistakably implied it.

Now you know what someone thinks, without really knowing so you must be much more that just a producer who works in a studio every day.

All I can add is that you may as well dispense with any apologies if they are followed by a ‘parting shot’. These folks were trying to give the best advice they have and that’s all they do and have done. I apologize if I offended you by criticizing or slighting you too … and I mean it!

Just my 2 cents,



I enjoy the many discussions on this forum. This is where I come to find help or make new discoveries. EVERYONE here has been very helpful, and tolerant with my many newbie questions. I still ask stupid questions, yet someone always tries to help. Torsten has always bent over backwards to help anyone here, even though he didn’t have to. I, in turn, try to help others, even though I am lousy at it. I try to return what I have received. I sincerely consider everyone here to be my friends, because who else, anywhere, is going to help us in this crazy music world we have chosen. I respect everyone here, and respect their opinions. I feel they respect my goofy, dumb ass as well. I am here for the comradery and I get that nowhere else on any forum. Many thanks to all those who responded to my pleas for help…you guys NEVER get the kudos you deserve, but I remember and I have loads of respect for you. Just my 1,000,000 cents.

Many Regards



Hmmmm: Cantabile as a VST?! So I could have a couple of Cantabiles running inside Cantabile? Now that would be very fun! Lots of possibilities!


Careful, that could trigger Inception.