How to combine racks?


I previously set up 2 racks for my EPs- one for Wurli’s and one for Rhodes. Is there an easy to way to combine these into one rack and preserve settings for each state?


Unfortunately, there’s no easy way that I can think of.

I’m not even sure conceptually what this would mean - do states get merged, or kept as separate states, should the states be merged by name, what happens when a state exists in one rack and not the other, etc…

Theoretically you could do it with a text editor and manually copying from one rack file to the other - but I don’t recommend it.


Thanks Brad. Not a big deal. I only have three or four presets in each rack, so it won’t take long to do.


Could you create an empty rack, add the two racks as embedded racks, and then use rack states to switch embedded rack states and routes?