Hey! Check out my new CV30 MIDI Guitar!

I had not heard of Ztar, The_Elf. They have 11 models ranging from $550 to $2,995 (USD, I’ll assume since they are in California). Well that’s a lot better than $13,000. Thanks.

Funny thing about Youtube: the number of Views keeps going up AND down. Whaa? It seems the logs are checked and if there are several views from an IP address, they get cut down to 1. So views from a library, internet cafe, a company, an apartment residents’ office suite, and the like, each get lumped as one user. Bummer.

Also, when I search using “MIDI Guitar” on Youtube on my computer at home, I’m the 3rd on the 1st page. When I search exactly the same anywhere else, it doesn’t come up at all; I have to use “CV30 MIDI Guitar”, then I’m 1st on the 1st page. Hmmm. “Getting to know you”.

Getting the search analytics to recognize you is the name of the game these days. It’s the new payola.

Sounds right to me, FredProgGH.

Saturday, I printed 20 business cards using the text below (centered). There is a nightclub with live music nearby, so I inserted those in driver side door posts. Next morning, 4 were on the ground (i out of 5 didn’t make it home). Maybe due to the remaining 16 going home, the Views bumped up by 5 (so like 1 in 3 were acted on). Small wonder advertising is such a money making business. Lest we forget, thanks for your views, and hopefully for passing it on.

New Product Preview On Youtube

CV30 MIDI Guitar

CV30 got field tested at a jam session Sunday. All went well. I played flute on Going Up The Country, and brass (3 insts at once, Trumpet, Trombone, and Tenor Sax) on Random Rules. It still needs a sample and the settings for a strumming guitar, for Tequila Sunrise. I use DSK samples of live instruments.

IMO, if a product doesn’t sell for at least 3 times its cost, then there is no way to grow it. BUT if that cost is too high, few will buy it. I may just have to give on its production up and enjoy my own copy.

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