Help me plan to make plans


I don’t always play keyboards, but when I do, I play dos keyboards. MPK261 up top, SL88 below and soon Mixface to run drawbars, change patches etc. Being that I launch tracks in Ableton, change patches and play keys, the independent colors of the drum pads on the 261 are my program changes over 4 banks giving me plenty of patches. I launch Ableton and scroll songs with my foot. Both keyboards have multiple hardware and software configurations. Part goes to Ableton, Part to C3. I play about once or twice a month with summer spurts of Friday/Saturday concert events (small) in a row, but I am trying to stay away from that. I have time for music, but not my wife. She knows I don’t miss her. I have found the sustain pedal good to hold a sound while I change a patch with my left hand (quickly). My MPK261 and SL88 combo is glorious. Never thought I would arrive, but I have. Hope the MPK hangs in there.


:musical_note::musical_note::musical_note: I miss the Earth…I miss my wife :musical_note::musical_note::musical_note:

Music IS my wife. I just wish she would pick up after herself.


Ha ha!! That will be all I have left if I end up buying a Yamaha Montage 8. It will be over then. I’ll have the montage on her side of the bed. I predict that once I get the Montage, gigs will suddenly be sparse as a cruel joke.


I work off a Kurzweil SP6 and a Yamaha MOXF8. I’m basically a bit (a lot) lazy and so essentially I use Cantabile to connect two controllers with two sound sources.
I dabbled with soft synths and the legacy of that is a Keylab 61 that now sits atop the other two and is my third hand. It’s got lots of pads and sliders and rotary controllers for changing States and stuff so I have a third controller and it does all the extra bits that I can’t be bothered (see? Lazy again) to program using the other keyboards.
Works for me and that’s what all these forums are about.