Happy holidays 2018 ✨


Yeah… Four Queens whiskey is what the coal crackers use. It’s nasty stuff. I go by the rule that if you wouldn’t drink it normally, why would you cook with it.


A toast to the Forum on this Eve. Many thanks to @Brad for all the the great achievements of this past year.

Best Wishes



I’ll be doing some toasting later :smiley:

Merry Christmas to you all.

This is a great little community for sharing Cantabile info, and (some side balls! :wink: ) and here is to Brad and Cantabile in 2019. It is going from strength to strength thanks to his sterling efforts!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!

I can’t say enough how much I appreciate everyone here. Your help to each other and especially to new users who I often direct here is invaluable and really does help alleviate some of the support load letting me spend more time on Cantabile itself.

Keep your eye out later today for an email with a summary of Cantabile over 2018!

All the best for the new year. I’m looking forward ticking off some of the bigger feature requests in 2019.


PS: Jen even decorated the droids this year :slight_smile:


Merry yada yada and a happy blah blah blah :smiley:


In our house, well wrapped presents are mocked and ridiculed. This is how you do it:


That’s neat compared to my wrapping skills!

Merry Christmas to you all.


Hi folks!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all cantabile family!
Hooray! :family_man_man_boy_boy: :tada::confetti_ball::christmas_tree:


Those are the droids I’ve been looking for :smile:


My brother in law made “Apple Pie Moonshine” for last night . Luckily he didn’t put enough alcohol in it!