Glitch free settings only on a dedicated windows user account


Hi everyone,
I have found very good tips by using the glitch free ebook. it finally enabled me to use my laptop for music ( which i dreaded & given up long ago). While all the tips in glitch free are very useful, its also unfortunate that these settings make my system under perform for non music tasks.

Since i have only one laptop which i would like to use for both office work & music, i am wondering if its possible to create 2 windows user accounts, one with all system settings dedicated to audio & another with all system settings optimized for my regular office work. i did try creating 2 admin accounts on my laptop, but it strangely turned out that changing system settings for one account changes it for the other account too ! for example, i set the computer to optimize best performance for “background tasks” on my music user account, but i found the same setting also occuring on my office user account( here, i need the system to be optimized for running programs)
i feel this may be a common issue for people. any one can give me tips on how to create these 2 separate user accounts with different system settings ? if not, is there some kind of software program which automatically changes all required system settings between the 2 settings : office & music ?


I don’t know of a program that switches all these settings but there are some things you can do. First, you can create two power profiles, one for music and another for your business use. Cantabile has a setting were you can choose which power profile it automatically will invoke and then return from when you exit Cantabile. Bitsum’s Project Lasso might be helpful also.


The only way this really works is creating a dual-boot system.


What settings (and how many)? It might be possible to script it (powershell), and run a script to set it up for business, and another script for music.

I am using my laptop for both “normal” use and for music without any issues, but my usage might be less demanding than yours.


I don’t know of any way to do this on a per-user account basis. Interested to see if you come up with a good powershell solution. :slight_smile:


I agree Brad - it’s why I suggested a dual boot. Usually used for different OS’s, Windows 10 can be dual booted. Seems to me it would solve all the OP’s issues!

I tried once to run different accounts (one for gaming and one for music) and it was an abysmal failure! Even though a different account there is still sooooo much that gets shared!


what settings ? : almost all the settings mentioned in “glitch free” under “power management” chapter & the “other settings & services” chapter.
if there is anything u could do to help with powershell, wow that would be amazing & i am very grateful.


interesting to know that W10 has dual boot, but m still on windows 8.1 in this computer. do u need 2 licenses for dual boot?


thanks for the info on process lasso. it sounds useful & they mention some people are already using it for real time audio. i just hope its not too technically complex to use cos m not an IT person by any stretch.


Do you really need all of them to be different for the two ways of working?

I use two different power plans, and have Cantabile pick Performance when started. The other settings and improvements worked for me across music vs business.


I took a quick look, and as far as I can see all the settings in “Power management” can be handled by having two different power plans and letting Cantabile load the music-specific version on start.

Regarding the settings in “Other settings and services”, there are a lot, so it is too complicated handling these with scripts, I am sorry. But I am still puzzled that you really need all of these to be different.


As u suggest, i will try having 2 power management settings & see if it helps. i am not sure why my computer is so finicky.
meantime, i did try process lasso & i noticed a great improvement in both latency & performance in cantabile. previously, my zoom asio settings was at 4 ms, but the real latency was may more than that & it was almost impossible to play on time. i also used to get lots of buzzes & glitches.
after i used process lasso, cantabile worked perfectly on my laptop for 2 hours without a single dropout & very very low latency. unfortunately, my computer became terrible at everything other than cantabile, so i was forced to remove process lasso to enable me to do my office work .
quite annoying when a solution exists for music, but creates trouble for my office work :frowning: