'General MIDI' Instruments Plugin


If you have Magix “Independence” sampler, a user Tomotello took the work done on this soundfont GM collection and modified it for use in Independence (which is what I use most often for GM, as I only just got SoundCanvas from RolandCloud and haven’t really delved into it that deeply yet to be used to it again). The first file is the one you want: gmgs_340mb_independence.zip



I have sfz+ Professional SoundFont Player within my Cakewalk account along with a serial number. Maybe you need to register for an account and it’ll be in there? It’s version 1.01 from 5/5/2006. Have never used it.


I believe you are right on that Jason. I am registered too.


I kind of figured that was the case, but I doubt you could get the other without being a registered user of Cakewalk… “free” I always thought meant “free in a bundle with our stuff”.


why redrawn ?..


If it’s legal I can send you my copy of sfz+ ? :wink:


I withdrew in case there might be a problem with a share. It is a free program. Just didn’t want to create a problem over it. I do, however, have PM here, so…