Fully weighted 88 key midi controller suggestions


+1 for the SL88. I have both the Grand (at home and for gigs), and the Studio (in the rehearsal room, didn’t want to pay the extra price for the Grand). I am very happy with the feeling in the Grand, both the action and the ivory feel. The Studio is very average compared to.

I am not sure about how noisy the action is, I am mostly concerned with the playing, but my wife does comment on it when I use a headset. Let me know if you want more details.


Wow, thank you.

Do you have suggestion for a starter digital piano? I am in a tight budget, along the lines of $350 max maybe? Can I get something decent within that budget? Or should I go with yamaha like Tom said?


I bought a Williams Allegro used for $110. It has a bit of a soft spongy action and frankly after playing it for a couple months I’ll probably have to move on to something with a better action but I would say for a beginner it would be just fine. Also, in that $350 range you could probably find a Casio Privia and they have quite decent action, and much better internal sounds as well.


I am not a pro keyboardist as far as playing, only in sound and audio engineering. My primary instruments are alto & tenor saxophones and an EWI USB. That being said, I had been looking for awhile for a weighted keyboard that didn’t cost a fortune and weigh like a tank. I used a borrowed Kurzweil PC88 for awhile for my personal studio, and got very attached to it. Like those above, I stumbled on the StudioLogic SL Series. I purchased an SL88 Studio. The keyboard is not as good as the Kurzweil, but it is a good Fatar weighted keyboard. like it a lot, it does the job, it has a large amount of keyboard assignment options and 4 pedal jacks, does NOT weigh a ton, and (the big one) …only cost $450 to $500.