FR: Next big improvements after the diagrams?


@brad, I really love what you did with the diagrams and I think Cantabile is getting to a new mature level :slight_smile:
As I work with C3 all days long, I think there still are some functions that could be improved (even in a simple way).
So I’d love to repeat (and pray to the Cantabile gods) for these functions I would love to see to have a better workflow:


  • HTML NOTES: Brad, you told me there’s a C++ problem for a decent notes text editor. But would it be a workaround to have an external program that can work like a simple html editor (with colors) that can render to a jpg, so it can be placed into the notes. This function can exist next to the existing notes blocks?
    Or maybe, can we add this function already via the external scripts function?


  • Songtags: I really love to see a function where you can manually add more info to a song (tags like genre, duration, key, or even custom tags) And have this option listed in the setlist also.

  • Setlist duration: For example a calculator of the total time would be soooooo useful to me when creating setlists for my bands. Just by using this tag “duration” and a simple calculation script in C3, would give a brilliant new function.

  • have these tags available in the html printable list as selectors. What {tags} can be used atm? {Title}, {Name}, …?

  • Add the option to show (tempo) after the SONGname in the left setlist and in the printable html list

  • Add function to set a song as optional by adding ( SONG ) marks (and maybe grey out in the html list. Always handy on stage when the mood changes and you want to decide to play or not play a song.

  • Improve the file songname system so that it works with ID numbers and you can change the name of a song without having to edit the other 20 playlists :smiley: (or have the risk you forgot one and have a surprise on stage :-/ )
    For example use SONGNAME (ID#).cantabileSong
    This can probably be a way to maintain the song position but changing it’s (file)name, Brad?
    Same for Setlists?
    Or would this drastically change the C3 behaviour?

  • Better typing song search: When adding a Song via the add function, you cannot type a song’s name, it only works by the first alphabet letter. That’s not handy when you’re starting to grow a large database of songs. Would be handy if it would work like in windows, start to type your search key…


  • Transpose: option to transpose the keyrange also.
  • tempo tap needs to only reset after x time

IMO these simple improvements would make my C3 workflow lot’s easier. I dunno if other users can relate to this?



Correct me if I am wrong, but haven’t you already requested these ideas in past posts? If you haven’t visited Trello, you need to. Some of these ideas already exist there, and you can request others. Members can vote for the ideas, and, according to Brad, if there are many votes, he usually adds them into priority. I am not speaking for Brad, but that is what I understand. I check Trello every few weeks to see what new ideas are posted, and vote accordingly.




Thx Corky,
True some ideas were mentioned before but i didn’t see them in trello?
Anyway it’s an overview and some new ideas.


Then you need to post them to Trello so we can vote on them. :grin:


Ow didn’t know in could do that :smile: i thought it was the listing of brad and we could vote on it! Dohhhh!


Omg i see the features request list on trello is huge. Poor brad :joy:


@So_Godly thanks for the feedback. As mentioned, Trello is the best place to vote on these.

On the contrary… this just means people are using Cantabile and want to make it better. I’d be more concerned if I wasn’t getting any feedback.

All these things will be addressed eventually (and by addressed I mean either discarded, implemented or bent it to something else), but I’ve learned from past experience not to rush into implementing something just because it seems like a good idea at the time. Often it takes a being asking for different solutions to the same or related problem many times for everything to finally coalesce into a good idea.

Right now my todo list is basically this (not necessarily in this order):

  • VST 3 support
  • OSX port
  • A sprinkling of small fixes and tweaks
  • Rebuilding the collapsed deck in my backyard



I want an advanced AI bad note filter.


I understand, still i think some functions could improve the functionality allot with small adjustments.


Where is the link for Trello, specific to Cantabile?


Look at the top right hand corner of this page. Just scroll up.


Nice! Thanks. Never knew what Trello was so it didn’t even register when I saw it. Most vendors I work with use things like UserVoice, Github, etc. Learned something new.


Priorities are like that :smile: good luck with the deck …


Could you guys help me figure out a way via scripting and external programs to

  • open a note with an external editor, libre office or even simpler interface
  • edit it there and save as jpg
  • import the jpg in the notes

Can this be automated in some kinda way?


the best and easyest way to do things that cantabile can not do…

and also the cheapest method is

(it does not only make hotkeys… also exe-files!!!)
if you wite a scriptfile you can bring it in the easyest way to an *.exe file and this you could start from cantabile with a binding.

…you should take a look at it

Here an example for a mini tool that helps me to open the new state dialog on a specific window position…
(thats all…no complicated declarations or anything else and…it works)

Send {F2}				
WinWait, NewState, ,0
WinMove, Edit State,  100, 800
WinSet, Enable ,, New State


That’s intresting !
@brad is there a way (command) to tell the notes to import a jpg?
This way we could add a shortcut (or rightclick command?) to open a text editor, paste markup lyrics and save as JPG (dunno what editor can do this yet)
and then add a command to add the last saved jpg from a certain folder)

Sure this can all be done manually, but I love to see it somehow automated, as I take allot of notes on rehearsals.