Force C3 to only "see" one MIDI channel?


I need C3 to select setlist songs via MIDI, whihc works fine, however I’d like to force it to use only one channel for this and not “omni”. Is there a setting somehwere for this?



On your controller you can put a filter in Tools>Options>MIDI Ports> select your controller and hit Edit and then click MIDI Filters. Add a channel filter like below. Now all omni data from your controller is on chan 1. Hope this was what you meant.




Thanks Dave…No Not really. I have the keys controller coming in on three channels, so setting C3 to a single doesn’t really work (unless In am misunderstanding)

Esentially I am sending from the iPad app (via a MIDI split box) a program change to C3 setlist over channel 1, and also a program change (and other CC data) to a separate drum machine over channel 10 (although this could be any channel really haha). However C3 seems to respond to the chan 10 data as well, hence the question.


Also pick Channel 1 as the source channel in the above?



Ok, so there is no specific binding in Cantabile for the Program Change?


No doesn’t seem to be Dave.

Thanks Terry, that won’t work in this scenario. I’mm still troubleshooting everything so it may end up nothing to do with C3, but at this stage it looks like it is taking midi data from every channel. FWIW, I ahve all my MIDI commands set to specific channels, none use omni.


Hey Dennis,.

One way to help troubleshoot this is to set a MIDI Monitor on the input from your splitter in the cantabile route in the global rack that carries the midi commands from your I pad and then see exactly what channel messages you are receiving on with C3. Am I right you have a connection there? If so just click on the route, launch the MIDI Monitor and send the command from the pad and if you can post the midi monitor results. The reason being is if you can isolate the connection that carries the program change them you can use a filter to suppress all channel 10 messages from going through that route.



Are you saying you’ve got a binding to choose a song in a set list and it’s responding on a channel other than the channel it’s configured to listen on?


Yes. Well sorta haha. I am sending from the ipad a program change to C3 to select a song in a setlist on channel 1, at the same time I am sending (on channel 10) to a drum machine setup data with both a PC message and other CC commands.

Now what is happening is C3 is also responding to the PC coming over channel 10 as well as the one setup for it on channel 1.


Thanks Dave, I have MIDI Ox so I’ll have to hook that up and see exactly what is happening…if only to confirm and nothing else