Focus to specific Rack


Hi there… I use Chameleon to built some Buttons that call specific Racks for active Focus

the only way I found is to call action ‘open Rack Editor’ then the focus goes automaticaly to this Rack

but is there also a way to call a specific Rack when setlist or monitor is focused on the left side?..and I want to jump to a specific Rack to switch a state?

…means: a comand that switches left Side Panel back to States
(it is available for shortcuts but it would be nice to have it also for bindings)


Are you asking for a binding to show a particular tab in the side panel?


exactly, that’s what I mean (…sorry for my bad google translater english)

Cheers Jürgen


ok, no problem - I’ll add it for the next build.


Build 3577 (available now) has this 4 new binding targets in the View category:

  • Recordings Tab
  • Set List Tab
  • States Tab
  • Monitor Tab


@brad Thats great ! …thanks

…only one situation I have that not is working like expected

When I am on song level and open my ‘Lightrack’ >> automaticaly all ‘Lightrackstates’ are on the sidepanel
then I open a embedded Rack into my ‘Lightrack’ >> automaticaly all ‘rackstates’ are on the sidepanel

But when I call the embedded Rack directly from Songlevel (with a binding) I have the problem that cantabile not automaticaly open the rackstates…the sidepanel sometimes shows the Songstates.
…in this case: Unfortunately, the side panel does not change the view until it gets the focus

Could you also implement a way to open the respective rack states sidepanel directly (instead of songstates)?

The Idea is like here on the pic to open the racks behind the pic …so I can only see the side panel with the
important values that I can change here directly to built my Lightstates and scenes for songstates.

the Rack behind when I hit my ‘hide’-Button…
(Order: SONG >> LIGHTRACK >>this embeded Rack)

(…I would make a foto but when the sniping tool is giving the focus to cantabile the sidepanel also changes from Songstates to the correct View…)

Cheers Jürgen


Hi @Juergen,

The states side panel always shows the states for whichever song/rack has the keyboard input focus. I just did a quick test here and as best I can tell the Open Rack Editor binding does set focus to the just opened rack and does show the rack’s states.

Is there something else going on that’s moving focus to somewhere else and causing the song to become refocused?



here it happens

Sidepanel …songstates
Rack…embedded Rack

it happens when I am on my first site (songs) and then I call a embedded Rack with a binding

Embedded Rack 1
Embedded Rack 2
Embedded Rack 3
Embedded Rack 4

bindings to open the Racks…


@brad …I think to know what problem it is

I remote with Chameleon

also Chameleon has the Screen-focus in my case… so you can not built the same situation without chameleon

but i think you can consider this in the programmcode and force the focus automaticaly…

or you can give me an Idea how it is able to give the focus to cantabile without touching or mouseclick ?


Does it work if the Cantabile main window is active when the program change is sent to activate the rack?



Hi, Brad
when I trigger the Program Change with my KeyboardController the side Panel is automaticaly changing.

The problem only occures when the first screenLayer is chameleon. In case of clicking a chameleon-Button the Programm stealing the focus from Cantabile and so the sidepanel is hanging and waiting for Focus.
Touch on sidepanel or mouseclick (only with real mouse) the sidepanel changes the view.

In all other cases it works perfect when Rack-View once is selected.
It is only a problem when Songstates are active in states View (Sidepanel)

Maybe you can compel the view-change by code for this situation?

Cheers Jürgen


ok, I think I’ve reproduced the problem - I’ll see if I can come up with a fix.



…I think with Autohotkey I can find a solution to set the focus to Cantabile
…after Pushing a specific button to call a Cantabile Rack i will force to change focus by sending command binding (should work)

…maybe It also can help to bring the Popup (new State) in front of all windows…

but…I am not sure if there is a key or binding command in cantabile to bring up ‘New State’ dialog ???


Build 3578 has a fix for this.


@brad That would be great !!! :star_struck:

I am not a programmer and could’nt do it with autohotkey (first I have to learn) .
For all other Programms autohotkey works with ‘OnTop’ command but with chameleon I had my problems.
Also Chameleon directly catch the focus when Cursor is moved over it…could be tricky for me to do it with Popup also.



Many thanks! …works perfect !

One little thing:
When dialog is opened I am able to switch Racks with bindings! …but C3 screen is blocked… maybe you can also block rack changes when New state is open?



Rejoyed too soon … was probably just a coincidence with the Popup…


…with Autohotkey I can bring the Popup to the Position and give the Focus :grinning:

so far so good but how can I fire an external KeyCommand ? …never used it …is it possible from binding?

I want to trigger the ‘New state’-Dialog with a binding followed by this external HotKey…

–SOLVED– …Bome will be the Key :grinning: (I thought) :face_with_raised_eyebrow: but also focus problems with sending Keystrokes … so the last working solution is a Visual Basic File that sends the Keystrokes to the right target.(autohotkey)