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Depends on the plugin whether the presets are auto-populated or only show the ones you have used the plugin’s “hamburger” menu to get to the “Rename” menu item.

Always remember to advance to the next un-renamed item before making any new changes to the plugin - though you’ve renamed it, the changes will apply to that preset position. That is, renaming does not “lock in” the changes - it merely makes that preset position easier to remember what it does. It is the position that counts most to preserve the plugin settings.

So, yes, the list of Presets gets saved when you save the Rack. If using a “rack-less” plugin, the preset list gets saved with the song.

I hope I am being clear! :blush:



Only partly clear, Terry. :stuck_out_tongue:

What is a “hamburger” menu?

I assume you mean changing “Preset 1” to “MyBestEverPatch” or some such. I could not figure out how to do that in the HS3 plug-in.

What did you mean by “advance to the next un-renamed item?” What is an “item” in this case?

By “before making any new changes to the plugin” do you mean changes to the selected Preset? Or to the defined Rack State?


Hi, there are multiple levels to consider Vonner.

1st is the plugin level - here you can have up to 128 pseudo-presets. (these are the above mentioned preset slots). Each pseudo preset represents the complete snapshot settings for the plugin as defined by the checked boxes in the plugin behaviors panel for that vsti. Some vsti provide and populate this list automatically some not.

2nd is the Rack State level - here you are just copying the preset names from the plugin pseudo-presets list and making a way to see and navigate them at Song level. It’s state names and associations can be in any order you want.

Just thought it might be relevant. Oh and “Hamburger” menu is slang for a windows drop-down box menu.



Cantabile Hamburger Menu

This is a “hamburger” menu - see the two slices of bread with the meat in the middle? :slight_smile:

By “next item” I meant next pseudo-preset slot. I was saying, that renaming doesn’t “lock” your changes into that slot. They are applied on a slot-by-slot (preset number-by-preset number) basis.

I mention this because I’m constantly guilty of going through the motions of renaming the slot, then I go about my business and make changes to the preset thinking as if the naming “saves” things, and mess up my slot’s settings. So, rename it, then hit the arrow to get out of there to an unassigned preset slot before moving forward with doing other things to that plugin.



Now you guys are making me hungry. :wink:

Many thanks for the detailed explanation. This community is the best!

~ Bill C.

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Oh that’s the other thing I do not understand at all… the checked boxes in the plugin behaviors panel.

No clue.

~ vonnor


The subtractive way to describe them would be

if none were checked then Cantabile would not save any of the parameters for the plugin in the (preset) slot. The “Entire Bank” checkbox is supposed to save everything without all the individual plugin checkboxes needed. Having both ways you can customize what elements of the controls on the plugin you want to save and which to leave alone. Hope this explains a bit better…




Indeed it does. Thank you. And which data elements are being saved may vary from pseudo-preset to pseudo-preset? Or are those settings at the plug-in level and apply to all pseudo-presets?


The latter apllies in this case


I said:

However… now that we always have autosave set for the states, that state will record your move to the unused pseudo-preset slot. So, if doing this kind of work, I manually save my state with CTRL-U, then lock the state, and then hit that forward button to the next pseudo-preset.

From Torsten: “Now you need to explicitly write-protect your states. Right-click them and select “Lock” - they’ll get a little padlock icon. Any states without a lock will be updated automatically. Locked states can still be updated explicitly via keyboard shortcut or menu (update state).”