Fast Song Switching - A Video Walkthrough


I also do most of the vocals and find myself confused sometimes with so many songs. I have been trying to transition to a single keyboard, but really feel lost without the 2nd. My show notes, on song load, now show switches, pedal uses, and layering, along with song key ( my memory crutch) on first page for every song. I have been incorporating many of @Torsten ideas into my setup. It is rare for me to kick back and just be a keyboardist, or guitarist. Maybe an occasional instrumental would help…do they even make those anymore? I was requested a Booker T song recently, and I played it with a huge smile on my face !


That’s not a bad idea, especially using a momentary footswitch, so I don’t have to worry about physically fading something in/out. I just need to set up bindings to reroute from sound A to sound B and back again. I’m going to give it a go.

I think the reason I tend to have split zones for that, even just 5-6 keys somewhere at one end of the keyboard is historic, dating back to when I didn’t have the flexibility of Cantabile, and using a split was my only option.

On the other hand, the audience sometimes like to see something happening - there’s a certain charm with those keyboard players of old with 10 keyboards, diving between them, or stretching to play two distant keyboards. Crazy from a performance quality point of view, but fun to watch. So maybe if I reach up 2 octaves to play something, it might make someone in the audience think, “Oh…he is doing something after all!” :slight_smile:



Nah, they’re distracted by the lead singer’s (or guitarist’s) antics… :smiling_imp:


Too true! :laughing:



Spoken like a man from Memphis!


What throws me off while playing is not so much zones and splits, but using my pedals. I am playing a set this weekend with a lot of state changes and I find myself getting mixed up with using a sustain pedal with the right foot and a foot switch to change states with my left (which is definitely not my dominant foot).

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Similar problem here - even more so since I play standing up: I need at least one solid foot to stand on :wink:

My solution for state changes is the friendly “red button” in the middle of my keyboard. Easy to hit between notes with whatever hand has less to do… I only use a pedal to switch states when I play guitar.




My solution to this is to have an obvious “piano style” sustain pedal right under the keyboard, like a piano, and a Boss “footswitch” style switch off to the side. The physical separation, and difference in pedal types means I never get mixed up. In fact I have another pedal and footswitch off to the other side for other stuff too. As long as they’re physically separated, I find it’s easy to avoid getting them muddled.



Since I play standing up also, and pressing two pedals simultaneously is a bit “unbalancing”, I’ve been working on adapting this age-old solution to my needs (or, er, “knees”…):