Exported state behavior in a nested rack


Hey people,

what I’m doing at the moment is trying to building a stage-piano-like keyboard. The structure behind that is:
It has 8 presets (this is scalable… just proof of concept). Each preset represents a song(-file). All songs share the same linked racks. So f.e. the Acoustic-Piano-Rack is available in every song.

Inside this Acoustic-Piano-Rack there is another (embedded) rack which contains various FX like chorus, tremolo, etc.
Since I want make different settings for different songs but use the same linked racks I thought the “export to the song”-checkbox should do the trick. But unfortunately it doesn’t work.

I open the piano-rack, I open the FX-rack and make changes (f.e. adjusting the tremolo-speed). I go back to song level and save it and the “modified-mark” disappears. Now I switch to another song. Result: The tremolo-speed is the same as in song A although I made other settings here.

So it seems that plugins which are loaded into a nested rack (rack in a rack) do NOT export their settings / values to the song. Is it a bug? Or is it supposed to be?
If that is supposed to be, it’ll kill the whole idea…



Hi Christian,

I would use 2 linked racks at song level set to save their individual parameters in the states behaviors to save with the song file. The first linked rack would be your piano rack and the second would be your effects rack. This would achieve the goal of having the settings all saved in the song file unless I totally missed an important item. Embedded racks can only save settings to the song file when installed at song level as far as I know. Does it make sense to you?




Thanks for your input. This might work… and it might be not much work to re-order all racks…

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hi Chris,

In your original approach, the embedded rack is exporting it’s settings to the parent track, which either get stored in that rack for all rack states, or get stored alongside each rack state, depending on if exported state behaviour is enabled in the rack for the embedded rack.

So that will only give you song dependant behaviour if you have a different rack state for each song.

Think of exporting as “store this in the parent’s state”, which applies equally if the parent is a rack or the song itself.