Eventide Instant Phaser MKII Plugin



Just thought I’d mention that Eventide have released a plugin emulation of their classic Instant Phaser MK II. It is currently on special offer until end of Feb $37 instead of $129


Have you tried it out Derek? I’m curious how it sounds next to the other phasers out there …



Hi, Dave

I’ve just got it installed. This is actually my first dedicated phaser plugin, so can only compare it against built in phasers in various VSTs.

I just loaded GForce VSM and my “Epic Phased Solina” patch and turned off the internal phaser and ran it though the Eventide as an insert effect. It sounded pretty sweet and compared well against the VSM phaser (which has always sounded good to my ears).

I probably would not have paid full price for it, but at $37 it was worth shooting for to have a good phaser I can use as I need to, and I’ve been impressed with the Eventide Reverbs that I have (Blackhole and SP2016)


Thanks for the report Derek, it helps me weigh it out on this end!



And they’ve just released the Instant Flanger MKII with the same launch offer of $37 instead of $129


The demos sound real good to me and Tony Visconti helped design it.:grinning:


Yeah, it sounded really good and I pulled the trigger at that price. Hope to install and play with it on the weekend.



Just thought I’d resurrect this thread as Eventide are having another flash sale on their instant flanger and instant phaser

$29 each until Oct 13th.