Elgato Stream Deck - Cantabile Icons?

Hey Torsten

Where is the “big red button”? It is the ultimate icon! :wink:

That one sits on my lower 88-keyboard.

Still my go-to-solution for state switching; the buttons shown above are just too small to hit reliably in the heat of the battle, so I only use them to navigate between songs or in rehearsals.

But I’ve advanced in the meantime: I’ve also set one of my drum pads on the upper keyboard to double as extra “red button” - it’s just too expensive to have multiple RBs - these things cost serious money!



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A dozen performances and a replacement of laptop and I’m very happy with the Stream Deck. Never lost focus and 100% reliable. The operator’s fingers are much less reliable, but I usually manage to bluff my way through!

One of the other guys has also begun using one and he’s happy too.

I know this losing focus thing is a risk, but so far it really doesn’t happen.

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