Electric Piano Plugins- Opinions?


Hi, I have a Yamaha EX5 and Korg Kronos for my Fender and Wurlie EPs

For CP sounds, it is Pianoteq and the free CP70 plugin. Plug that into a chorus emulation and that is the closest I have ever gotten to “The Tony Banks” EP sound. Well worth checking out.


+1 for Keyscape in this category too…


could I purchase that controller? :smiley:


Hello to everybody.
If someone of you is interested, today Scarbee is giving away his nice Classic EP-88s el. piano plugin at 50% discount (EUR 59,50).
To get the 50% discount you have to write “father” in the discount field at the end of the purchase procedure.
The offer ends ends today (Monday, June 5th) at midnight :wink:


I need another electric piano like I need a hole in my head :stuck_out_tongue: but if I did need one you couldn’t ask for a better deal!


Fred, I figure that if I had a hole in my head, I could air out my thoughts. Then again, I would whistle every time the wind blows. :grinning:


Aren’t they called mouths, ears and nose? :wink:


I guess that then means each of us need at least five electric pianos! Two ears, two nostrils and one mouth.


A GAS addict will take any justification that he can… :wink:


I must be an addict then. I really lost count of how many electric pianos I have (vst’s). I only use 4 different ones most of the time. and I really only care about 2 of them, and they are the ones that work well on stage.


I’ve never owned a real Wurly or Rhodes- though I’ve heard a lot of them- so I’m not hardcore the way I am about Hammonds. To my ear the old Scarbee Vintage keyboards sounded really really good, but I’ve wound up using Lounge Lizard the most, probably because of the convenience and maybe because it actually has a grungy weirdness to it. And I’m guessing to a purist it’s the worst of the lot :smiley:


Hey people,

I just wanted to let you know that there is a new plugin out. It’s from Soniccouture and is called “THE CANTERBURY SUITCASE”.
You should give it a try. At the moment I’d prefer it over the Scarbee EP-88. The Canterbury has more character in my ears…


Thanks for the info Christian. Really like the sound of this one.


Since @brad referenced this thread in his latest Tips email, I thought it would be a good time to mention the Purgatory Creek tine collection. I purchased the Mark V recently and really love it, especially the Ballad preset. At $19.95, a great price. You can also purchase their Tines as a collection (Mks I, II, V and Sparkle) for $39.95.


I have been using Lounge Lizard EP4. Happy with it because it has an amazing selection of all the good electric piano sounds, but really does Wurlitzer sounds extremely well.


Hey folks, just a quick heads-up: Velvet 2 is currently on sale at AudioDeluxe for $9.99!

I treated myself to two licenses (so I can install on all my relevant machines) - it’s a really nice emulation of the usual suspects (Mark I, Mark II, Suitcase, Wurly, Pianet), and it feels really playable. Having a lot of fun with it! Guess it will replace Pianoteq as my go-to Rhodes…




Being an old timer who owned both Wurli and Fender-Rhodes pianos back in the 70’s, it still boggles my mind how many how quality EP emulations there are to be had, often for next to nothing, and weighing no more than a laptop!