Does Korg Nanokontrol lose its MIDI assignments when turned off?


Hey guys,

Any one here have experience with Korg Nanokontrol? I’ve got a user asking about it saying that it loses it’s controller assignments when turned off.

Here’s a reference:

Translated as:

“Yes, you can map everything, but when you turn off and on again the day after, the map is disappeared and you have to do it again… The only way is to have maxforlive of ableton [which i don’t know what it is} and create a mapping and save it!! This way, any time you use a program, it’s enough to load the map file and the trick is done… Otherwise you can find several map files on Google”

That seems like a total pain - can anyone clarify if this is true?



I’ve got one… I’ve not really integrated it into Cantabile yet but I’ve used it with Sonar. I don’t think that’s true… I never had to re-assign anything from one session to another. In Sonar you set it up as basically a generic control surface. I don’t quite get what the guy is saying- that the controllers on it don’t default to the same numbers each time you power it up? That’s crazy. But I’ll try and test it.


Thanks Fred - yeah it seemed odd to me too which is while it’d be nice to get clarification.



I’m using nanoKontrol with C3 Solo (for home studio only) without any problem. But since last Windows 10 update (dec 2017) my daw (Mixcraft 8 Pro) can’t find it until I re-instal the driver. It works for a week or so and all of a sudden, disappear…I’m not using my daw every day. I don’t know if it is related to updates.


I’ve got this one. Working ok, most of the time ( on win7x64 with Cubase 8-9.5) There is a small issue (with its drivers i suppose) with stucking audio stream in some rare situations… But Its Internal settings are saved/loaded ok after poweroff.

kind regards, Alexandr