Distortion with multiple Roland VSTs


Ha! So does everybody else :grinning:

Korg’s M1 and Air’s Xpand!2 are really popular here because they are reasonable.


They do look reasonable. Interesting; I remember going to an M1 clinic when it was first introduced. Sounded cool. Too bad Korg doesn’t have much for sample sounds available to preview. Probably lots on YouTube though, might check them out.


Don’t forget that after a year’s “rental” you get to keep one of the synths. The cost per year is not dissimilar to purchasing a good quality VST.

I quite like the model they have, but they still need to knock off some rough edges. I know have the D50 and JP8 as permanent VSTs that will stay active even of I end my subscription. Those were my main interest of the current crop. I really want them to do a VP330 and JD800. Once they do those and I own them, I would probably end the subscription.


I think it’s still too pricey even with that in mind, for me; $318Cdn/year (monthly plan)… that’s more money than upgrading my entire Komplete 11 to 12, and I get extra instruments in that upgrade. And I only want a handful of sounds from each synth in Roland’s collection anyway. I have a physical D50 and JV1080; just having the VST gives me more flexibility when out of the home studio. And a few more sounds than I have.


The Rolands ARE too pricey. They are also CPU hogs. With so many cheaper and less hogish VSTs on the market, it is my intention to stay away from Roland. If I am in the studio, I also have a physical JV1080 if needed (rarely). In most of my live work, the other VSTs work just fine. I have recently pulled all my Roland plugs out of my huge list of songs, and CPU is running much less.