Custom Built Display Panels


Does anyone know of a plug-in that can display custom built display panels? I have a keyboard controller with nine faders, various control buttons/knobs etc and 8 pads. I have set up cantabile so that some of these buttons do the same thing across all songs but some are set up uniquely for individual songs. It gets a bit of a handful trying to remember what does what for each song. So for example I might have different instruments assigned to a fader/button, I would like a visual indication of the button state and its instrument name. It would be nice if the on screen button worked as well i.e for touch screens.


Or, if you have an iPad, MIDI Designer Pro is very good too, and arguably easier to design with (IMHO). Works wirelessly too.


Thanks. I’ll give that a go.


OK, so I have tried CTRLR and to be honest it’s a little(very) buggy and doesn’t achieve what I want. I would be happy if the Cantibile controller bar custom buttons were configurable by song and song state in terms of the text that appears on each button and that the buttons were capable of receiving midi controller information as well as sending so the state of a switch on the midi hardware controller could be reflected in the controller bar equivalent CC button. Help. Can’t find anything sensible to achieve this in a windows environment.