Cures for CPU-Hogitis!

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It’s also difficult because of the difference between just having the plugin loaded, and actively playing it. Some plugins add a surprising amount of load even without playing it, whereas others are virtually transparent. Also there’s the spikiness - a plugin that adds a fairly constant load is a lot easier to work with than one that periodically causes huge load spikes.

So perhaps just a broad, subjective scale could be useful - something like:

  • Light - only affects the load indicator by a few percent
  • Medium - not too bad, but you probably would want to be careful running multiple instances
  • Heavy - you might have trouble with it, even if you’re not running much else

I would think that would be useful even across different people’s systems. Ultimately all we really care about is, “Am I going to run into trouble using this?”.



Good point! If racks can contain media (no idea?) there could be a basic sequence playing a free VST? Just trying to keep it useful over time, in five years what was “heavy” will be light etc.


Am I the only one who has issues with CPU load and the M1 VST? Just for a comparison on my surface… Xpand2: the CPU meter is at 4%
M1: the CPU meter is at 50%
Is there anything that might need to be tweaked?


My M1 is stable at 5.8%. At peak when playing…6.9%. I never had a problem with it, and never went into any settings on it that might help reduce it. You can look through those settings and see. If I get a chance to dig into it a little later, I will see. Have you used profiler? If you do, send a screen shot.


Sorry…didn’t see you sent this to Torsten. My bad.


here is a screenshot

and sorry, I did not realize I was replying to a specific user


Thanks…I’ll look into in a little while (currently setting gear up). BTW…what preset are you using in M1?


thanks for your help. I was using:

  1. “massive pad” for xpand2
  2. “brass of power” for the M1
    the profiler was running while nothing is played. If I play something:
  3. M1 max goes in the 70/80% and average in the 30/40%
  4. xpand2 max goes in the 10% and average in the 2/3%


That is odd. M1 is generally a plugin I count on to be a low-CPU hit. Unlike, say, Diva, or something like Arturia CS80V.


On all my machines M1 is worse than the arturia plugins




Here is my profiler with your settings:

I am using Asio4All…but I am running 512 samples with no latency. Temporarily try changing your samples to see if that changes it.

Also check your voice numbers on your M1 Global page. 128 is the default.


Well… I reduced polyphony to 64 and number of outputs to 4, now it behaves much better! Thanks a lot for the help!


Just curious what it was originally set to?


128 polyphony and 8 outs


I also never had any problems with M1. I’ll take a closer look at it soon.


This is my profiler for the config you mentioned (playing, 128 samples buffer):

The M1 is set to 128 voices and 8 outputs - out-of-the-box configuration.

Can’t check it on my surface - don’t have the Korg plugs installed / activated there - but out of curiosity: what audio interface are you using with the surface? Didn’t have much fun with the built-in audio when I experimented with Cantabile on my Surface. Got somewhat better when working with an external USB audio interface, but my surface (i5) is definitely not on par with my audio workstation. But given the Xpand CPU utilization on your machine shown in your profiler screenshot, CPU power should not be the core of the issue. Have you tried re-installing the newest version of the Korg plugs?




BTW: looking at your screenshot, I noticed that the CPU load on your system is pretty high compared to the Cantabile load. There seems to be quite a bit going on outside Cantabile - maybe that is interfering with the Korg plugins somehow?




Thanks for your iinput Yes, the surface has a very high CPU utilization because it is not my music computer, more of a test system (it has a lot of non-music related things going on). On my music computer (SFF desktop with ivy bridge i5 and 16GB RAM) numbers were a much better, but still M1 used significantly more resources than expand2. The funny thing is that last night I(on my music pc) I first reduced poly to 64 and it made things so much better. Then as I was experimenting, I put poly back to 128 and things were still better, so for now I am keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way :slight_smile:


You never know- sometimes there’s something in a BIOS or chipset that just doesn’t play nice with a given VST and there’s nothing you can do. Do other Korg synths do ok?


not sure about it. I know I always had stability issues with legacy cell. I will double check when I am at the music PC


No mentioning of synth1 here?
After all the big synths it’s still on most of my songs, because of the lightweight and the characteristic fat sound with even some slight detuning in the release. It misses the FX but it’s master on many levels. Plus over 10.000 presets available. But i make most sounds myself.

Ow and because of some great advice here i use Pianoteq also. Love it!