Cures for CPU-Hogitis!

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It’s also difficult because of the difference between just having the plugin loaded, and actively playing it. Some plugins add a surprising amount of load even without playing it, whereas others are virtually transparent. Also there’s the spikiness - a plugin that adds a fairly constant load is a lot easier to work with than one that periodically causes huge load spikes.

So perhaps just a broad, subjective scale could be useful - something like:

  • Light - only affects the load indicator by a few percent
  • Medium - not too bad, but you probably would want to be careful running multiple instances
  • Heavy - you might have trouble with it, even if you’re not running much else

I would think that would be useful even across different people’s systems. Ultimately all we really care about is, “Am I going to run into trouble using this?”.



Good point! If racks can contain media (no idea?) there could be a basic sequence playing a free VST? Just trying to keep it useful over time, in five years what was “heavy” will be light etc.