Crackling issues Keyscape - only in cantabile

I have a couple of good Yamaha C7 from Synthogy (Ivory II Grand) and N.I. (Noire). Same for Rhodes, Clavinet, Wurli, included in many bundles. I don’t interested in “toy keyboards”, so I never bought Keyscape. Anyway, one of my Spectrasonics-addicted friend, usually play Keyscape from Omnisphere GUI. That’s why I told you about this way to play Keyscape without… Keyscape


@Torsten and I have always agreed about low cpu footprint vsts for live use in Cantabile. I built my setlists on that idea, mainly because I was using an older laptop, and the sounds used for most gigs doesn’t have to be pristine. I tried larger “sampled” libraries live, but it made no difference between the two on stage.
When using inears, it made some difference, but only on the inears, not the audience sound. That said, I now have better computers, and tried Keyscape inside of Omnisphere live, and had no problem with CPU, even with other vsts loaded. I still find the audience sound the same. Large gigs, and recordings would be the best usage of Spectrasonics, where things are well controlled, and sound systems are obliging. It has been my experience, and perception, that Keyscape runs smoother in Omnisphere, than alone.


For me, no better electric piano’s than the Keyscape ones. I use them live all the time (pre-Covid…). For acoustic pianos I prefer Pianoteq. The trick with Keyscape - at least for me - is stay away from layered patches (the DUO’s in Keyscape), as both Omnisphere and Keyscape do not make use of multi-core engines. For those you better use two seperate instances of Keyscape or Omnisphere. I notice no differences in either using Keyscape or Keyscape within Omnisphere. What also helps, is reducing polyphony where possible (I often reduce to 16 voices, and make modifed factory presets accordingly). Then, the CPU load is ok with me, not worse than many other nice VSTs such as Dune, Diva, Zebra…