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Truthfully, not only does the drummer have to be on top of it, the guitarist has to avoid slightly missing a lick. It could all fall apart with one mistake. Great song…loved playing it. Hope my 3-piece gets back together soon so I can experience it again.


This is one of the first songs I remember hearing with an “in the hole” tap to create the illusion of faster playing. In a cover band many years ago, the 80s, I had a delay and could do it and our guitar player couldn’t so I used to play the solo (2:42) and all the echo parts in this song on MiniMoog.


I remember this!!


It’s not a song that’s aged well but that guitar was mind-blowing back in the day.


I agree. I’ll bet the MiniMoog sounded great on it!


Rick Beato had a friend of his who is an active studio session guitarist on one of his videos recently. They were laughing about the fact that in every session the past 20 years someone will ask for the Edge “thing”.

Remembered the session guitarist is Tim Pierce.


I don’t think current Christian “rock” (I use the term loosely) would exist without it.


@FredProgGH I like your avatar image :grinning:


Thnx :sweat_smile:


Tim Pierce has played on a TON of hit songs. I watch his you tube channel all the time.

@FredProgGH…ditto on the avatar.


We’re covering “All the Young Dudes” with no Hammond :sob: Verden Allen played gloriously on the Mott the Hoople version. Playing the bass under the acoustic guitar is fun though.


Thanks a lot Corky, will test soon,


Love Gilmour tone, I recently got a 2008 Squire strat CV50s, similar to DG 0001, best strat i ever had for the price.


The 2 guitars I dare take to the stage (before Covid) are a Japanese Strat (somewhat rare), and my Mexican Strat I totally love. It came with a single coil neck pickup, and a humbucker pickup on the bridge. It can really light up a solo.


I own two MIA strat, but i never felt so confidence with strats till i got that CV 50s chinese Squire, plays like butter and sounds great, just upgraded thin tremolo block.


A neighbor of mine was given a 91 MiK Squier Precision by a woman he was doing a carpentry job for who was tired of asking her 30 something son to collect his music gear. I bought it from him and upgraded it with an Emerson pre-wired kit and an Aguilar 60’s pickup and put Chromes (flats) on it. It’s my favorite bass now.


Nice !!


I have a mid '80’s MIJ hard tail Strat with rosewood neck and its a great guitar. Whoever I bought it from had put a set of MIM Cray signature pups in it and it was pretty abysmal sounding (though those pups are considered desirable, it was just a poor match for this particular guitar). But I put a set of Fender noiseless hots in it and they sound great in this guitar.

The Japanese made some fantastic pieces in the '80’s and 90’s imo. I also have a Gretsch 6120 and a Gretsch Pearl Jet from that era and they’re both great imo. BTW the TV Jones pickups for Gretschs are legit. Love them.


I’m all about the budget lines! Squire and Epiphone all day long for me. Why pay more? :smiley: -unless it’s to go to a Parker, or PRS or something.


Similar experience here with a MII (Indonesia) Squire P/J. Put a set of Duncan Quarter Pounders in it and ended up selling my way more expensive signature P/J because this one actually played and sounded better no matter how much setup the other one got.