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Thanks for the kind words Walter. We have a great group of knowledgable people here! It has been interesting for sure.


Hmm, maybe we need to start a virtual organ sister site :smiley:


BTW I’ll be interested in your Boston (specifically Foreplay/Longtime) sound. It’s a tricky one. Part of it is that it’s an M3. I know how I get it, let’s see how yours lines up lol


I’ve actually thought about it. I really wanted to do some videos, but not really set up for it. Most of the people I’ve seen reviewing or testing have no clue what they are doing (not that I do, I just work harder at it :grin:). I received requests from outside of the forum, and helped out. With the new snapshot feature Brad gave us, I can keep the presets restricted to Cantabile users, so all in the family.

We will talk later…lol.


I already have it for B5. Gotta translate it to the others. B5 has a great sounding A-100 that really responds well to minimal tweaks. It is my goto for heavy/progressive rock.
I also have another preset you will like, but again, I have to apply it to the other clones before releasing. I did it for a forum member, and he is extremely happy with it. I will send it to you when I get it ready for posting, and see what you think.

Hope you and your family have a great holiday season…on the East side.


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My IK Amplitube Leslie is also doing it - I’ve tested Blue3, VB3, VB3 II by themselves and everything is fine - no distortion. Once I activate B-3X or route VB3 II through the IK Amplitube Leslie I start hearing it. I’ve checked to make sure levels aren’t to high. The CPU load is low while it’s happening with not spikes.

Just to make my troubleshooting harder I tried updating my UMC204HD driver.

I have an identical setup (Lenovo x230 16GB - SSD - UMC204) that started life as a backup but now is also being used for edrums. That unit’s audio buffers are now set to 64 at 48Khz and it plays and sounds great with Superior Drummer. I’m going to swap it over to the keyboard setup and see how that works

To me this problem seems like the one you get when you have the sample rate set different in the driver and application.


We’re going to need the source for this :sunglasses:


Hi Corky,

The IK TR5 Leslie settings won’t load for the IK Amplitube Leslie (which makes sense). I think IK demos won’t load once they are past the trial period so even though I use TR5 for other stuff (Black 76) I don’t think I can fish the Leslie settings out. I’ll try and report back

Edit: Merry Christmas - and thanks for all the presets!



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I will check it out this evening and see if I can reproduce it.

That is true. They will only load in the version I used, which is TR5 5.1. If you need me to, I will PM you screen shots of the settings.



Side Note:

Mark Stein, keyboardist, and the voice of Vanilla Fudge, was a mentor to Jon Lord of Deep Purple and many other organists of the time. Lord said he learned all his tricks from Stein. Stein is credited as an originator of sounds that bridged psychedelia with what eventually became heavy metal.

Vanilla Fudge were predecessors to Hendrix, Iron Butterfly, Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Nice, Deep Purple, Yes, Styx, Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heep, and all claimed they were influenced by the Fudge. I’ve been playing this song, on and off, for quite a few years, and it never fails to get attention.**

The song starts with a droning B note with expression pedal, B preset key, Leslie on slow and C3 vibrato/chorus. The “March” section switches to fast Leslie and Bb preset key. The Organ “solo” starts with Leslie Brake on, and B preset key. All of this happens within the 1st 53 seconds of the song. At 1:02, you can actually hear him switch Brake Off to Slow Leslie. At 1:39, Fast Leslie, Bb preset key. From there, Leslie Fast and Slow are switched constantly until repeats of the song beginning section.

The original full length version:

A great live version with 3 original members. I don’t think he ever uses the Brake in this video.


VB3 1.4
VB3_x64 1-V FUDGE VB3 YKMHO - CR.CantabileProgram (15.5 KB)

VB3 1.4 with IK Leslie v5.1
VB3_x64 1-V Fudge YKMHO VB3 1.4 IK LESLIE.CantabileProgram (15.5 KB)

TR5 Leslie 1-V FUDGE VB3 1.4 IK LESLIE YKMHO - CR.CantabileProgram (10.9 KB)

BLUE 3 v2.2.2
Blue3 1-V FUDGE BLUE3 YKMHO - CR.CantabileProgram (24.0 KB)

BLUE 3 v2.2.2 + IK LESLIE v5.1
Blue3 1-V FUDGE BLUE3 IK LESLIE YKMHO - CR.cantabileprogram (24.2 KB)

TR5 Leslie 1-V FUDGE BLUE3 YKMHO - CR.cantabileprogram (10.9 KB)

VB3 II v2.1 with resident Leslie
VB3-II 1-V FUDGE VB3 II YKMHO - CR.CantabileProgram (33.0 KB)

VB3 II v2.1 with IK LESLIE v5.1
VB3-II 1-V FUDGE VB3 II IK LESLIE YKMHO - CR.cantabileprogram (33.0 KB)

TR5 Leslie 1-V FUDGE VB II YKMHO - CR.CantabileProgram (11.0 KB)

B-5 v2.5

B-5 v2.5 + IK LESLIE v5.1

TR5 Leslie 1-V FUDGE B5 IK LESLIE YKMHO - CR.CantabileProgram (11.0 KB)

B-3X v1.1.0

Hammond B-3X 1-V FUDGE B3-X YKMHO - CR.CantabileProgram (34.4 KB)

PLEASE UNDERSTAND—PRESETS ARE ONLY A ROADMAP to a defined sound. Most organists constantly adjust drawbars, percussion, vibrato/chorus, and Leslie switches. What sounds great in one venue will not sound the same in another. So, adjustments are always necessary.

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Hi Corky,

EDIT - Found the demo in the Custom Shop for 14 days!

For anyone interested - The TR5 Leslie is on sale for $52 right now.



I got B-3X to “crackle” while experimenting with buffers, and an engine recycle cleared it up, just as Dave Dore’ said. I’ve been running 512 for sometime with my main laptop… no noticeable latency. My backup is not as accepting to the higher buffers. In the specs, IK suggests USB 3 port, which may play a part of the problem.


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VB3 II - IK TR5 Leslie - Gimme Some Lovin - Leslie settings screenshot


Wow - what a thread!

@Corky: thanks for sharing your presets and the effort you’re putting in this - amazing!

In the spirit of sharing: here an update on my Organ racks - maybe some routing / binding ideas that can help:

Here is the basic setup of my organ racks (using Blue3 here, but works the same with B-3X):

The route from Rack:MIDI in is “Notes Only” - everything else happens on the Bindings page. The output of the Pro-Q 3 is routed to Rack out, everything below (coloured maroon) is technical plumbing.

I’m running this as a “rack states only” setup - all relevant parameters of Blue3 and Pro-Q are selected in “State Behavior”:

This way, I set up a “rack preset” across Blue3 and Pro-Q and save it with “update state” / “save rack”.

I stay on the same plugin preset for both Blue3 and Pro-Q 3 and let the VST parameters take care of setting the sound.

Now for the Bindings:

  • I route CC1 for Leslie Speed and CC64 for sustain through to Blue3 via Bindings

  • I route Pitch Bend to a “PitchBend to Leslie” rack (stolen with pride from @dave_dore) which in turn sends CC1 to Blue3. I like using the pitch wheel for leslie speed - this way, I can use the mod wheel for sound blending duties (e.g. fade the organ layer up or down behind the piano).

  • CC66 (my left pedal) is another way to toggle leslie speed. Linking it directly to the VST parameter (“Speed”) and giving it alternate values allows me to toggle Leslie speed with a quick touch of the left pedal. @brad provided a nice feature in a recent update that actually looks at the current value of a VST parameter before applying alternate values, so this binding will definitely change the speed at all times (before this update, you sometimes had to press the pedal twice, depending on the current state of the parameter)

  • For volume control and expression pedal, I use a ReaJS script to smooth out controller values and avoid jumps. When you feed this script with controller values on channel 1, they get smoothed, when you feed it with channel 2, they get put through directly. image

  • I use the bindings to allow two different controllers for volume change: when you use CC7, the rack volume is controlled directly, but when you send CC8, the volume changes are smoothed out (nice for volume changes on state changes - no rapid breaks but smooth volume ramps

  • same with the expression pedal: when I send CC11, it reacts directly, but when I send CC12, the expression pedal values get smoothed out. This happens with a faster time constant than volume - you don’t want your pedal to lag too much behind your playing, but it can be super-helpful to avoid jumps, e.g. when you set your exp to 100 via a binding at the start of the song, but your pedal is still at 0 from the last song.

The “Init” Bindings set the volume to 0dB and expression to 100 (to have a bit of a boost reserve) at the start of every song - this way, I have no need to create initializing bindings within the songs (unless I want things to start differently).

There’s another thing I may add to my “Organ Solo” rack (with my B-3X): I have a ReaJS script that allows you to fade multiple drawbars from 0 to a pre-set level with a single controller. Great to e.g. use the mod wheel to morph between the classic 888000000 to full-out or other nice sound enhancements. Haven’t done this yet, but will send an update once that’s live…

Hope this gives some ideas on useful controller assignments!




Very Nice Torsten. Thanks for the share! A great group we have here! :+1: