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bel video amico mio ma cosa stava dicendo? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Per la verità non lo so. :thinking:

It is-a a good-a bit of gear-a but cost-a lotta money-a


I almost posted an Italian spelling of Mississippi, but the PC police would probably be breathing down my collar.

Yeah, I thought long and hard about it then I did it anyway :smiley:

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I’ll PM it to you…it is worth hearing.

Just sent it.

No mistakes.
Your Italian spelling is perfect.
Do you need some support in Italian language?

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Thank you! I learned a little Italian Language throughout the years, but learned a lot more in college when I had to sing recitals in different languages. Italian compositions were mostly what we had to choose from. My first recital was Durante’s “Vergin tutto amor”. I still remember the whole song. Many more after that. My son studied in Rome a few years ago, and forced me to speak Italian whenever we communicated. I am far from being fluent though.

Not really. I was just joking around with Fred. We do that quite a lot, especially when hijacking threads. :laughing:
But, if I do need some support, I will definitely contact you. Thanks for the offer.

I even don’t know who Durante is and what song is that one.
And I am supposed to be a music expert among friends.
I am probably too rock driven. And this is usually 100% Anglo-Saxon
Do you know glorious Italian rock bands?

Glorious Italian rock bands? To me that’s PFM, Le Orme and Goblin! I know there are hundreds though.

Fully agreed on the old names.
Two newer suggestions.
Subsonica. Bluvertigo.
I know personally some of the musicians.
I love their music


I’ll take a listen!

Durante lived from 1684 to 1755. Classical music. No rock music in college recitals, especially in 1970, lol.

As far as Italian Rock musicians, I’ve listened to Freefall, and am aware of Premiata Forneria Marconi, and Kingcrow. Other than those, I am not aware of any others, except Furio, lol.

Also Deus ex Machina… I have played on a couple bills with them back in the early 2000s, and I mixed their live album from Prog Day which I’m not sure I even own a copy of. I know I’ve seen PFM but I can’t remember if we were on the bill or not. I honestly don’t remember what show that was.

I’m trying to decide between JBL Eon 610 and 612 FRFR monitors for VB3 and Velvet for small venues (pubs). I’m leaning towards the smaller ones, I think the bass is very good and they are plenty loud enough. Ease of transport and placement is main goal. Will I regret not going with heavier/larger 12"s?

I’ve gone for even smaller: QSC K 8.2 - an amazing speaker for keys. I’m not missing any bass (we have kick and bass for the low range anyhow), it’s easy to carry and set up - and it sounds great!

For club gigs, it’s definitely loud enough as an instrument amp.



P.S.: slightly different price range, though…


I am using powered monitors as. A keyboard amp. I had to go lighter and the monitor has more power. To me, it is relavent to the type band youre in, and the size of the pub. If I am in a small pub with a lighter volume band, a 10 would probably get me by. You said MONITORS, which I assume you are using two. I only use 1, but I would use a 12. Larger venues and louder band, my 15 can handle near everything. The problem I found with 10s, is you are going to miss the deep lower ends of a piano and organ. Also, it is well known that any lower end frequencies in 10" speakers start fading about 12ft from speaker. All audience ears will only hear the higher, tinny frequencies, unless the speakers are ceiling high.

I personally would go at least 12", but that is just my opinion. I need the lower end for my pianos, and if I want to get a Jon Lord sound, 10’s won’t cut it.
My 15s + horn is heavier, but well worth hauling to most gigs, and totally beats any of my keyboard, or bass amps.
I have not tried the JBLs, so I can’t comment on what they can do.
I am a huge QSC fan, but haven’t tried them as a keyboard amp. So, you can rely on Torsten’s experience with that.

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Hmm, is this the range I keep cutting with my EQs because it gets in the way of the kick and the bass?

I tend do have more of a producer’s ear than a keyboardist’s ear on stage - helps avoiding an unholy mess in the lower mids, but reduces the fun a bit :wink:

Equally, I seem to be a strange animal in the guitarists’ herd - I like hearing my guitar like the audience does, so I prefer in-ears or FRFR wedge monitors pointed at my face instead of an amp blowing away at the back of my knees… Judging from some of the discussions on the Kemper forum, hearing your guitar my way (in-ears or FRFR-monitors) seems to be a traumatic experience for some of the string-shredding guru community…

Guess it’s what you’re raised on - I never had a full-sized Leslie roaring away right next to me, so I’m not missing anything…

So take my recommendation in that spirit: the QSC K8.2 is a great speaker, but will not “rumble” like the big guys. I personally don’t need the “rumble” - and the sound is warm enough to feel good.



I don’t need my keys to rumble, but I do want a full range sound, and hopefully something that represents what the audience hears. In a prog band the bass has a lot of high-end definition and there’s room for bottom in the keys, when it’s called for… And I think only really old school guitarists are relying on blasting amps behind them. The ones I work with mostly either have the amp soft at the back but do the real listening in the monitors, use a pod or other DI through IEM or monitors, or (my favorite) put the amp to the side at a decent volume. If I played guitar with an amp I’d use a small combo amp and put it in front of me tilted up.