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Martin Scorsese and Clint Eastwood gave them praise and honor in Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues - Piano Blues. At 1:15 Clint has Pinetop play a bit of his signature boogie.


I’ve been working on FLAE. I never noticed what great Hammond playing is on it (Joachim Young). Maybe I was paying too much attention to the synth stuff back in the day. I found this on YouTube, it may well be the isolated keys track from the original recording (there’s no sound for the first 15 seconds).

One sound I’m not quite getting is the burble in the staccato parts on the upper keyboard (using VB3 II / IK Leslie). There’s lots of drawbar adjustments going on and I think he’s also doing something with the pedal. Any comments would be much appreciated.

BTW, this uploader, Jo Ph, has tons of interesting isolated tracks.


That’s easily one of the best rock Hammond tracks of all time imo. Yeah, he was doing a lot of drawbar work. Key clock is a big part of it too. I can not wait to hear this, great find!!

And one thing that gets overlooked by most people playing organ hat haven’t played a real one much, or listened to the great jazz players is how integral expression pedal is to the sound (although guys like Keith Emerson didn’t work it at much). Hitting a chord or note soft, stabbing it up loud and then backing off is a big part of the vibe.


Ha, check out the clam at 3:40, never even heard that. I love that kind of stuff.


I heard that too. Then I decided that Joachim, being a real jazz pianist, was playing some alteration :sunglasses:


Yeah, let’s go with that :stuck_out_tongue:


All the blues and most “church” players are all over the drawbars and expression pedal. I hung around many of these guys in my youth, and learned how the Hammonds are so expressive and constantly changes tones. I spent many weekends in BB Kings Club when many big blues artists were coming through, and I always tried to sit near the Hammond player. They were always the busiest musician in the band.

I’ve played FLAE for many years, and it is a very busy song, especially since I am singing it. Three main things in the organ part is drawbar changes, expression pedal, and physical percussion. I always link my volume pedal to the expression pedal in an organ VST. Never to the volume slider in C3. I usually bind the slider to a rotary knob on controller. My drawbars are always bound to drawbar controller. So, in this song, you’ve got to play the keys like playing a conga to get the feel.

Check this out Billy Preston using expression at beginning, then changing drawbars for a huge amount of differing tones:

A Master of the Hammond. So is Cory Henry, with his percussive style and many drawbar moves:


Corey Henry Blazin!! is an understatement!


Jon Lord on Hush is another good one…