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This from GSI :

We’re planning to release a new update to VB3-II by the last quarter of 2019. What new features would you like us to implement? We’d appreciate your suggestions, even though we can’t guarantee that we can implement exactly all what you ask for.

What’s already in the to-do-list:
1. Octave shift buttons for each manual (like in the old VB3)
2. MIDI Output support (to sync with motor-fader controllers)
3. MIDI CC support for recalling drawbar presets


No photo description available.

Sounds like a good time to voice your opinion about changes you would like to see.

No response page was offered, but this came from GSI Face Book.


For B5 users…

Noticing something strange on AS site. On my Download/License page, it shows a 2.5.1 for release “Aug 14, 2019”. So I am assuming there was a release. There is no information on site, or KVR (AS forum) as to what is being updated. I haven’t received an email on the release. Don’t know if this is an error, or a unfinished preparatory post.



I don’t use B5, but there was this from Ray @GG I just got. Wonder if there’s some scrambling with Apple’s new release?

Hey everyone,

In the next few weeks, Apple will release a new operating system, macOS 10.15 Catalina .

To ensure your GG Audio products work the way they should, we recommend waiting to update. We’re working on making our software fully compatible with macOS 10.15. We’ll send another email blast letting you know when we’re ready to go.

That’s it. Rock on!

GG Audio


Just got the same message from NI


Hey Richard

That may be it. I am expecting an update from Ray at anytime, as to our last conversation. I just got 3 different messages about the Apple release (which will not affect me). The B5 is probably a just quick-fix, or maybe Apple update. VB3 II will be updated soon. Undoubtedly, it will all happen in the same week, as before. :scream:


Hey Corky,

It was not an error but there were no release notes. It is definitely a different file size and publish date. I downloaded and will check it out but I doubt it was much more than a half jigger of shine as far as changes go … :wink:



I downloaded it and also noticed the different file size. I have not yet installed it, as I am currently doing some much needed maintenance on my rig. If you notice anything before I get to it, please advise. Thanks Dave.


Anybody checked out the score for the Francis Ford Coppola movie, The Rainmaker?
Elmer Bernstein.
Cool Hammond stuff in there.


Hey Adrian

Saw the movie a long time ago. It was partially filmed here in Memphis…so why wouldn’t there be some sweet Hammonds? :sunglasses:
It had songs by Big Joe Turner, BB King, Muddy Waters, and Slim Harpo. Can’t get much better than that! Hammonds on the soundtrack were pure gospel and soul.


I found an old (well not that old, but old-ish) VST of a sampled organ from Adam Monroe. I think I got it for $10 or $5 or something. Never used it because the Leslie sim is truly awful but I tried it today through the IK Leslie and the results are pretty cool! It’s a sampled M3 tweaked to try and mimic a B3. They sampled it though the onboard speaker and re-amped it through a Fender Twin or something lite that. The end result is pretty gnarly- it has a lot of extra ambiance. It sounds weird but kind of real; it reminds me of the organ on old Van Der Graf Generator albums, some old off model organ with two mics on the Leslie cranked all the way open. I will experiment further.


Are you guys checking out this:

It is sounding pretty sweet!


Wow… yeah, pretty impressive! I always say, it’s not so much about the organ, it’s all the Leslie and IK has done a great job there. I really like the extra processing they’ve added though. Might be THE ONE!


So far, after messing with it for a few hours, I’ve come up with a few one word adjectives for Hammond B-3X:

Authentic, Detailed, Nuanced, … (probably more later, but first impressions are really good).


I predicted this when I saw IK team up with Leslie. Funny, I checked IK site about 3 weeks ago, checking for any Leslie updates. Nothing about this. Grabbing my wallet now. Crossgrade price $149.99.


I tried the Adam Monroe…was unimpressed.


Ikmultimedia B3X

Yes that’s my point. The Adam Monroe on it’s own is terrible. But reamped it becomes kind of interesting.


Hmmm - tasty! Just spent some time with it - looks like this will be my new solo organ! With Blue3 for the bread & butter layer sounds (less CPU), I should have a decent all-purpose toolbox now…

At the moment, VB3-II isn’t really doing it for me - not sure why, but I find it a bit bland and nasal in comparison…

Thanx for the heads-up on B3-X!



Hey Corky, sorry for the silly question but how does IK crossgrade work?




Hey Dave,

Crossgrades are usually ‘automatically’ applied to products in your cart at the IK multimedia online shop. Generally, if you own an IK product greater than $100, they give you a crossgrade discount on other purchases. Here, for B-3X, it’s an extra $50.

Kevin L


Thanks Kevin, that helps me understand …:grinning: