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There have been several updates on most of the Hammond clones in past months. Blue3 just went to v2.4, B-3X recently evolved to v1.3.3, B5v3 has been out awhile, and I am expecting a major update to VB3 II sometime soon. Cantabile is also going through a major update.

I have been sitting on several presets for months, but with so many things changing at this time, I feel it might be reasonable to shelf what I have. I really don’t want to go through the process of remaking the presets as I did with B5, while I am bogged down with rehearsals and gigs. I realize that I promised some presets this week, but I am looking forward to what new advances we may see.

That said, VB3 1.4, Blue3, B-3X. and B5 will probably not have major changes for awhile. The IK T-Racks and Amplitube had recent updates, and I’ve not had time to check out any possible Leslie changes.

Part of my hesitancy is the technology built into these plugins. They are adding a lot of new settings which I’ve yet to explore. Blue3 had a recent “Minor touchup to the rotary speaker simulation”. Their last “minor” update was a major change in the distortion which completely changes the way I created it’s presets.

Looking at things as they are, I am contemplating a change in the way I make presets. My goal to make them sound as accurately as I can hasn’t changed. Newer updates will bring better presets. But funny, VB3 1.4 still stands solid as it was over a decade ago. :smirk:



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Before I started using Cantabile, I used a DAW like Cubase, but it became very iffy and wasn’t what I was looking for. As Brad told you, you can interoperate Cantabile with a DAW. IMHO, using that in a “live” performance is just asking for a disaster. You would also need an amazingly fast computer with tons of RAM. I am sure others have tried it, and if so, they can comment here.
Please tell me something…why would you want to add a DAW when Cantabile is all you really need for live performance? Others use a second computer to run things like lighting and videos, but that in itself is a pain to setup, and I really wouldn’t go down that path unless I was in a Large Venue touring band. If you plan to do small gigs, all the rest is overkill, and much more equipment to haul, which could steal your attention to performance.
The main thing is, you are still a novice with Cantabile, and haven’t had the long experience to know what all it can do. I’ve been using version 3 since 2016, and I still haven’t touched everything this amazing software provides.
The question is, just what are you trying to achieve with adding a DAW like Cubase? What are you wanting to achieve that requires a DAW? It is possible you can do all want within Cantabile, without the huge load on your CPU.
By the way, Cubase is recording software…that is it’s main function. Is that what you are trying to achieve?


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Many good points. And from an engineering perspective, every piece of equipment is one more thing that can go wrong. Unless you have completely redundant parts, with no single point of failure, your failure probability (MTBF/MTTF) is the SUM of each of the individual parts.


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Hey as promised earlier I made a little highlight reel of organ solos from the album Glass Hammer just finished. It’s all IKM B-3X and I think it all sounds really good! The idea on this album is to kind of do an old-school psychedelic mixing of heavy guitar and organ.


Very nice Fred!!

I went to a MegaDeath concert last night, and your sample sounded like something they would do…without the organ, of course lol.
Organ sounds really good!!

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Haaaaah - unleash the beast :metal:t2::metal:t2::metal:t2:! Fantastic playing, too!


Thank you!

Can’t wait to hear the album - the highlights were fantastic!

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Thanks for this! I already pre-ordered the new album, so this was a treat.

  • Paul
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Here is your new setup:

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I was thinking I’ve got him with my pair of E-MU XBoard 49’s and then I see the PK-7A :grinning:

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How about this sleek little rig?

No pedalboard, though…


Fred was being much too modest. Here is their promo…once again, the organ sounds great:

AND…the 1st video:


Oh, very nice.

Oh, thank you sir! I just got a physical copy in my hand today as it happens…


Great Hammond, Fred :slightly_smiling_face:

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