Controller Keyboard for gigs


I also interested in stone quality cables, worth the price. What protection do you wear? :zipper_mouth_face::wink:


Same here, my Nord is input into the soundcard and i make a mix. But when some problems rise i can go to the Nord. I’ve been in to make trouble situations on stage. Some due to bad software, some due to bad soundcards, some because there was a power engine running behind stage and the behringer soundcard was powered by USB. You live you learn lol.
But lately i was even looking for a cheap Yamaha mx49 as second keyboard. Pity it doesn’t have aftertouch otherwise i wouldn’t hesitate.
I just bought a 3th Graphite in stead :sunglasses::grin::joy:
Serious, it’s cheap and practical with all the features.



I discussed USB cables in this thread Advice on best USB B cable? Hope this helps!


Thx! Useful info. I’ll check mine


Thanks for starting this thread and Brad for putting me onto it, I am exactly here, starting with first Controller Keyboard.
Have been looking between M-Audio, Alesis and Novation.
The overwhelming number of models across brands, features and bundled software is, just that, overwhelming, so all the comments here by experienced users is a great resource, cheers everyone.



I’m looking at getting a M-audio Oxygen 88 controller, has anyone used this particular model.


I have one and have used it for 4 years, I only had to clean the key contacts once after about 2 years and other than that it’s been fine. Very good with C3 because of all the controllers. Great piano action.



Thanks Dave, nice to know. I’m replacing my SL880 that has no controllers at all and this does look like a good contender for the job :-).


Chris, if you’re still lòoking to get the M_Audio, I have one I’m selling.? :wink:


If he isn’t interested I might be- I’m in the market.



Dave, I will be cleaning my M-Audio 88es soon as I get a break. Any advice would be welcome. I’ve seen several videos on it, but not sure which direction to go.



Hi Corky,

The vids are all pretty good, I have the weighted Oxygen 88 so the disassembly would be a little different but you basically lay it face down on some pillows and remove the perimeter screws and some of the screws across the middle of bottom the keyboard, this will free the lid with controllers. Be careful not to unscrew the keyboard itself, you can leave it anchored to the bottom plate. Now while holding firmly flip it over and remove the lid watching for and disconnecting the keyboard ribbon connectors. Get a small flat-head screwdriver to help release the keys you want remove to access the contact strips below, the strips are usually an octave or so long so you need to remove enough keys to get at what you want to fix. Remove the contact strips and clean the small round carbon contacts on them. Clean the circuit board contacts as well, let dry, check for fibers and re-assemble. The one thing I do that’s different is I use shammy leather instead of cotton q-tip for cleaning, it leaves no fibers. I also use magnetic head cleaner instead of alchohol. (no residue) Some alchohol is residue free however if you want to use that. Hope this helps … hope it goes well!



Thanks a lot Dave. I really appreciate the info.




I use a MOXF8 on the bottom. It has a lot of decent sounds, and it acts as a 4 in 2 out USB audio interface. I plug my electric and acoustic guitars directly into it and use VSTs for audio processing (Guitar Rig 5 Pro, etc.). Less stuff to carry and plug in is always better!

I also use an MPK261 on top. I love all the programmable knobs, buttons and faders.


Apologies for the delay…lol What money was you after.




Studio use only and I’ve got the box…

I could arrange shipping but to be quite honest you’re probably better off coming to get it, I’m in Sussex, but I won’t be back there until aug 20…




I’m wondering. Do you find any 61 keyboard with decent keys? I hate “synthesizer keys” (korg ps60, juno di, etc). I really like “semi weighted keys” (for example kurzweil sp4-7), but the problem that is heavy I don’t want to carry more than 8kg keyboard and no more than 110cm (to fit it in the car). There is a good one keybed on a light keyboard?
Kurzweil sp4-7 are almost perfect, but it is 12 kg and my back is a bad one, so lifting the keyboard+stand+wires+notebook+gears is not so good.


I picked up the Akai MPK249 and I really like its semi-weighted keybed. I’m sure the MPK261 shares the same keybed “feel” though I’ve never played it. Pretty lightweight.

So… Highly recommended!

I also have an MPK225, which I picked up for around the house, and it has the same keybed as the MPK249. Love that little thing!



Thank you terry, you’re always so helpful! I’ve already checked it out but this review made me reconsider!


I definitely would not describe it as “heavy” though there are all-plastic ones that are lighter (flimsier). When he says “built like a tank” he is correct - this won’t break easily. But I definitely would not consider it to be heavy. Just sturdily built.

His admitted ignorance as to what comprises a “semi-weighted” keyboard caused him to launch into a diatribe where he basically says, “I don’t like semi-weighted keys”. But that is no reflection on the quality of this keybed - it is stellar! And the pads are the best there are.

You should just pick one up from Amazon or Sweetwater or somewhere else that makes for easy returns and give it a thorough workout yourself.