Changing the PITCH of LEFT sound only? Deaf player (Reddit)

I saw someone replied to me on my post in the name of ducaroo who suggested me to use this app cantabile vst host

I actually signed up here to able to reach out to the users/experienced sound engineers of this amazing program. To make this work do i need any devices/isntrument?

You see, im actually hearing impaired on the left. And i would like to make my sound on my pc in a mono while changing the pitch of my left sound and leave the right channel as normal as it is. Is this possible?

Is the rerouting of the sound difficult to do or easy? Im new in this program im not sure where to start to configure it

Hi a_hadjiyusoph and Welcome!

I recommend you look at the video walkthrough to see if how complex it is to use and get the basics explained.

I have a feeling since you are a gamer you would need another program to use with it called Voicemeeter Pro. It helps you marry the Windows based audio from your game with VSTs you use for processing inside the Cantabile host. @terrybritton has made some great posts here and online videos for Voicemeter and an expert with Cantabile and he runs the 2 together with great success. I hope you get a good overview from the videos so you can see if it’s for you. It can be simple or complex so it can serve a wide group of people from complex large scale pro setups to simple home piano practice with a VST instrument.



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I need to know why you would want to change the pitch of one channel? This is an interesting feature request I’ve never seen anywhere else.

By “pitch” you do mean by that the “frequency” and not the direction, right? (As in pitch, yaw, roll) (Hey, I’m an esoteric kind of guy!)

Do you need to be able to change the pitch in real time as you are playing, or can it be applied after playing?

How much do you need to change the pitch? A few half steps? An octave?

All things are possible, but more information is necessary to properly target an answer.



Funny…you don’t look esoteric. :grin:


Hi @terrybritton ,

Since it is for gaming which is pretty well all sound effects and some dialog I think he is making the tuning different enough to tell it is different from one ear to the other (with the same sounds). That way with one ear he can determine whether he needs to look or react to the left part of the screen or the right using the one ear he has when playing the game. That way no one can sneak up on him on his bad ear side. I think that makes any given sound that is hard panned one pitch on one ear and a slightly different pitch on the other and the centered material would be chorused to some degree. Anyway that’s my take.


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