Cantabile plus hardware sequencer. Good idea?


I love Cantabile as a flexible router/host for my synths. I’m thinking about getting a hardware sequencer (such as an E-MU command station) which sends midi data to Cantabile which in turn routes this data to my synths and Omnisphere. Is this actually a good idea? Is there a better way to add a sequencer to Cantabile? I’ve always preferred hardware over PC, but perhaps there are better ways to do what I want…


My only personal reasons not to would be the limitations of the hardware vs. what I’m used to (Sonar, in my case) in terms of editing and features, and the expense/hassle of a physical box. If it’s the workflow you’re comfortable with I’d say go for it!


I have a Roland Micro Composer that I still use a lot as a sequencer.

  • Paul


Thanks for the suggestions. I’m going for it!