Cantabile as a VST?


It would be so much easier to be able to load an existing “Cantabile Rack” VST

Yeah, good idea!
I’ve been thinking about the utility of Cantabile being loadable as vst, but I think it would be too complex and probably mostly unnecessary, but nevertheless it would be very useful to be able to use the racks created in Cantabile as loadable vst in the DAW, so we can continue working in our audio production in the studio with our same live sounds.


I don’t see why ??? …should cantabile be a vst >>because it is a host.

how should an automatic algorythm handle a flexible mass of midi ins and outs and also the many possible audio ins an outs ???

in each case you must connect the virtual wires self because the DAW dont know how you think.

Also you can connect the Ports from Cantabile to the DAW directly.

Cheers Jürgen


That’s exactly why the recent discussion centers only a “rack wrapper” that would allow you to use a Cantabile rack as a VST plugin. This should be far easier to manage (as long as no environment ports are used) - simply expose the rack midi and audio inputs to the VST host and keep the inner workings inside. DAWs can deal with plugins with multiple MIDI and audio ports - the VST specification manages that nicely.

Sure, there are some things that will not work in such a context, but it would be a great way to use your fine-tuned Cantabile instrument racks inside your favorite DAW.




Metaplugin does it well enough. So does Vienna Ensemble Pro Server. Multiple midi/audio handled without issue.


They might well do, but then I have to go and build the equivalent of a Cantabile Rack and maintain two configurations. I would love to just load the Cantabile racks I have made in a DAW. :slight_smile:


The only point being that plugins have the ability to receive and output multiple midi and audio channels. Juergen seemed think this was an issue.