Cantabile as a VST?


Sorry if this has been covered before, I did some searching but couldn’t find anything.

Is there any possibility of Cantabile ever functioning as a VST hosted by another application? I’m thinking of something like Guitar Rig or PodFarm that’s standalone for live use but can also be hosted by a DAW for recording.

I can use ReaRoute to send clean audio to Cantabile for processing through my racks. This works but it’s kludgey and time-based effects can’t sync to Reaper’s metronome.

I currently save a patch for each plugin in Cantabile and load them into Reaper. If I later tweak the sound in Cantabile, I have to repeat the process. I suppose another option would be the ability to save a Cantabile rack as a Reaper FX chain which would be fine for Reaper users but useless for other DAWs.

How to load Cantabile in Cubase?

Hi Justin,
There are no plans for vst I know of but there is this:

probably need to contact brad about current thoughts on rewire, it looks like it’s on back burner or not currently planned.


I’ve looked into both Rewire and a VST version of Cantabile in the past but in reality the demand for both is not great and there are more important things to focus on right now.

Current thoughts: VST version is unlikely, Rewire support more likely, VST bridge is another possibility.


Brad - current thoughts on rewire?


I would find rewire support a GREAT value.
I would love to bring Cantabile’s architecture into my DAW and I’m betting that once the option was available it would enhance sales too.
Being able to integrate a performance setup into a DAW is an extremely exciting concept to me.
Cantabile promotes the union of plugins in a very different way from most conventional DAWs. A kind of left brain / right brain thing.

@brad I think Rewire support will change the way people talk about Cantabile; not only as a stage utility, but as a studio enhancer which allows entire setups to used with any DAW that supports Rewire.

How to load Cantabile in Cubase?

I am very much in favor of having Cantabile as a rewire too.


Make sure Brad knows you want this. Vote at