Built another little tool that works nicely with Cantabile: MidiAlert


Hi Torsten, is there a way of sending a carriage return in the text string so there can be multiple lines of text?

Not a problem either way! Thanks.


Hi Al,

unfortunately not at present (the “DrawText” function of the development toolkit I use doesn’t deal with line breaks). When I get to it, I’ll have to build my own multi-line text drawing function…




Hi Torsten, no problem, I don’t need it now as I’m using colour instead, so please cancel my question!

By way of an update,

I’m using MidiAlert to show the name of the next song state with background colours to remind me whether the song state will auto advance based on a note I’ll naturally press during playing, or whether I need to manually advance it. At the moment the MidiAlert window is open permanently because non-blocking delayed bindings don’t work properly in the latest betas. Brad is aware but it will be a few weeks before it gets resolved.

One more question then - would it be possible to either specify the position of the window on the screen, or an x,y offset from centre please? I’d prefer to be able to set it further towards the bottom right hand side of the screen so that it doesn’t obscure the selected rack states in the routing screen.

Cheers, Al


Hey Al,

I’ll put it on the backlog. No promises, though - I’m currently busy building another little tool for organizing my guitar pedalboard…