Building a new rig -- RAM thoughts


Nothing worked, so I put it in “draft” mode, Now have peak around 35% load. Many thanks Humphrey


Absolutely takes a lot of time to do a complete setup.


Particularly as one must break down the licenses in the old one.

I’ve not yet even loaded the OS in the new … although it is ready to roll, in hardware sense.


I never upgraded from V2 of the Arturia synths. I use a few of them extensively though: Prophet, Jupiter, and the SEM. Sometimes the modular - especially for the sequences. I used to use the Solina a lot, but now have replaced it with Stringer 2.

I don’t have Diva yet, but have Hive and Zebra 2. I love, love, love Zebra. Very seriously considering Repro (trying out the demo right now).

  • Paul


Repro is seriously good as well. In fact all UH-E synths are.


Should we discuss that in the „What are your fav plugins“ thread? :slight_smile:


Repro is amazing.jhjjhjhjhjhjhjh


Resource utilization has everything to do with which plugin(s) are used. Kev was inquiring as to whether he should go for 32gigs of RAM, which was very very expensive, or save a few bucks and go with 16gb. Since I went the 16gb cheaper route, I was interested in hearing how VSTs are impacting other systems.

humphry offered a wealth of information on preloaded VSTs and RAM usage.

FantomXR sparked the idea of using linked racks to manage resources and patches which was elaborated on by Corky.

Corky indicated the resource hog potential of sample libraries (and suggested Arturia).

humphry alerted to the amazing deal at NI (which I got), and how to manipulate my wife into thinking it is an awesome thing that I bought it.

What I learned from this thread is that I am ugly, that I go home single from gigs, and my parents were right; that I will never amount to anything.

No… seriously, I have a killer resource-lean rig using linked racks with a standard rack across songs of my two basic (piano/organ) keys and a quick loading, low resource song list. I spent several hours putting it together and I have built my new gig rig which runs very well. Thanks, Kev, for the discussion thread and everyone for your input!

Only problem now, is that I love Serum which works well in my studio, but it hits my CPU hard in my live setup. I think Serum is one of my tops (as far as synths), sadly resources keep it from the stage. Sorry FantomXR, had to say that.


Cool!! My rig is @32g’s and I can host 9 vst’s between 2 controllers. I think i might move to 48G’s because “live” I don’t use two piano vst’s but noticed they can “expand” in size when you start to play. Your on the right track!