Binding Rule OFF values

Hello everyone.
I’ve just joined here and have not long been using Canabile Performer in my home studio.

I think this might be down to misunderstanding basic concepts but is it possible to create a binding rule with just an ON value for the target and no OFF value?

For example, if you want to switch a song state from a MIDI note input, you just want to send the ON value of the new state. But when you release the note, the rule goes from true to false and thus sends the OFF value.

Or if you want to change synth program when a song state changes, again you just want to send out the ON value. But when the state changes away from the rule’s source state, the OFF value gets sent.
I tried using deliberately invalid values for the OFFs but this didn’t work well at all.

Surely these are common things to want to do? How do others achieve this?


This posting from a couple of years ago proposes a solution using loopback ports.
Is that still the preferred solution?
Would it not be simple to make the OFF value an option in the bindings rules?
(Feature request? :wink: )

Hi Alex and Welcome to the Forum!

I think I understand but to be sure could you please post a picture of the binding(s) you are using that are causing the issue? Also which version of Cantabile you are running. It would help us help you.

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Thank you Dave.

I have since received an answer directly from Brad and it seems I was doing things wrong.
This was what I had as bindings for switching states:

I had skipped over the “Any” field in the Event definition and had set the note value in the Condition field. This does work but the difference is that you have to define both an ON and an OFF target value.
By selecting the note number in the filed directly after the Event, the target value filed changes to only requiring the ON. Slightly unintuitive behaviour but understood now!

(… continued post because being a new user, I’m prevented from posting more than one image at a time)

The right way to do it:

I hope this helps anyone else with the same confusion.

… Regarding the sending of Program Changes from song states, the solution using a loopback port does work. I was successful in testing that out last night.
However Brad put me right on that one too and there’s a much easier way.

I hadn’t known about the State Behaviour panel, which is very straighforward to understand.
I see you just need to select a binding rule, then tick the Target box and then set a different Program Change for each state selected.

Simple once you know! :grinning:

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Thanks for posting Alex and I’m glad Brad got you sorted out! :smiley:



just out of interest: why do you want to use Note OFF to switch states ?

To me, it would be a lot more intuitive simply to switch states on receiving a NoteOn. And Cantabile will safely ignore the NoteOff (unless you specifically instruct it to do something with the NoteOff as well).

Hi Torsten,

You’re right. Now that I’ve stabilised the setup it works equally well with Note or Note(Off) events.
When I first started, I was getting weird results and found that triggering on the falling edge of the pad tap signal was more reliable.

Brad is an all round good bloke.
I’m surprised he’s got the time to be so helpful with support as well as doing all that great development work.

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