Best soft synths?

Vital’s development, if not stopped for good, has been on a hiatus for some time now. Bugs left unfixed, the developer doesn’t seem to respond to support requests. Not a good look for anyone looking for a reliable workhorse.

Phase Plant could do if wavetable synths cut it if you can find proper sound packs for it, but if available preset packs are a deciding factor I believe Serum takes the win on wavetable front. Free synth1 still works like a charm and has tens of thousands free presets online. Within paid VAs Diva could be good.

I believe it would be the wisest to pick one of the most popular ones if you want to spend your time playing instead of tweaking sounds since that usually means there’s more available presets online. Then again, 20 excellent presets are more valuable than 1000 useless ones.